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    this is so gay.
    fuck k2

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    I had a lvl 61 rogue, which i lvled characters up with with 2 computers, z + 3 (3 = my 250% arrow atk), and potioned after about 8 shots or so. I did these for sumtimes an hour, killin death knights n stuff. I had an IB +8, SKELETON BELT, DV +7, shard +7 (when they were actually worth sumthin), amul dex.....n so much more. Then one day.....server under maintenance. N just like that my gold premium main character, rogue archer was banned. why?.... becuz they said i 'looked' like a koxper. KO = smart........ NOT! I personally talked to a gm about it n all he said waas u shouldnt have been using 3rd party tools, and i said why would i if i was so strong and he said, 'u tell me' Thats y i made a warrior, watch out if u r an archer...i guess koxpers r gone now....or sumthin

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    Im an archer my advice dont use z+r it looks auto...I've been banned 2x mind u i wus a newb last year and how the heck wus i suppose 2 no wut koxp was.
    Use your 200 or 250% arrow skills my friend was doing z+r i said wtf that looks like a koxp program lol. I can tell you now K2 dont negotiate on bans unless ur a lucky mofo.

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    lol i lost ib 8 chitin set 8 dual rol eme re and elf belt +2 last year because i was killing hobs.. but not moving... lols.. i am even responded too all chat... went and potted several times.. but yeah.. i got banned for third party shit

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