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Pc Rebooting after 5mins of use

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    Hey all my pc is screwed n i duno what to do with it!

    I boot it up, it works perfectly for 5-10mins then it reboots and i have trouble rebooting it again, sometimes i get BSOD.
    I formatted my pc yet the problem still continues, any ideas?

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    test ur rams with a tool.

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    I got this problem twice. First time, my hard drive was blow up. Second time, on different pc, my cpu was set to 1200 Mhz when i had these repetetive reboots. I set it to 1660 Mhz and it stoped to make problems. In fact, many things can cause this problem.

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    BSOD is usally a Ram error google the Code it gives you a detailed report kk. happy fixing

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    milenium is right, could be any number of things

    i was geting a problem like this about 5 months after i bought my new graphics card. i had no clue what was causing the crashing. i bought a better graphics card and haven't had any problem since

    ps: a.s baz

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    update video card drivers if that not works
    maybe your pc cooling is bad :P
    try run ko with a open pc

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    1. cpu overheating(check fan, bios settings, and also maybe change the thermal compound as it becomes old and reduces cooling just enough)
    2.bad mem (try reseating each chip or relocating them)
    3.psu bad (ive seen them go bad to where they still work, but the rails become just far enough out of their proper voltage to cause problems but still boot)

    also if you have winxp, its not very common at all but ive seen it happen. a usb device will become conflicted, rare but it happens and causes random reboots with BSOD. for this just shut down and unplug all your usb devises and see how it goes. if it works, then one by one start to plug them back in.

    or like _T3nZiN_ said, video card drivers, reinstall them........but i doubt this will fix it as vid drivers will rarely cause BSOD and rebooting often without load. but ya never hurts to try everything you can.

    GL......hope this givez ya somewhere to start

    oh, added not here, have you changed or updated your sound card drivers or hardware? this can easily cause problems also if not done correctly or if card is bad

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    i have changed nothing since i got the pc 3 yrs ago, except putting games and several programmes on lolz

    thanks for the great feedback, not managed to fix it though, hopefully getting a new pc which will br great:P


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