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Rathian (ko4life name) is a scammer

This is a discussion on Rathian (ko4life name) is a scammer within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; omg heini why are you making such a big god damn deal out of this you had 3 gb on ...
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    omg heini why are you making such a big god damn deal out of this you had 3 gb on the account for three days maybe two and i took 230m 70m was on pots that you used also i gave back jsut about everything already those rogue shell boots +7 are worth a whole lot more than you think and now you are going around saying i dindt give you shit you act all sincere and nice ingame but then on some damn forum you go and make me look like i stole your car or somethying i guarantee that i will pay you back i mean i owe you less than 125m now thats like 3-4 ft and you even go to the length of going on all my old posts saying i am a scammer and commenting on my profile wow i thought people needed sharers because they had no time to play but if you have the time to act like a 9 year old why ask for a sharer case closed and haru .... fuck you still... and cammy i never played on Prophecy i always asked him if i could but he said no and sames who would you be and who told you stories of me?[/b]

    as long as you take 1 mil from his account without his permission, than you are a scammer. Until you have paid EVERYTHING back, i would also suggest to heini that he doesnt change this topic, or edit it.

    Dont talk about people acting like 9 yr olds, when you are the one that jacks money without permission.

    Kinda sad the way you turned out. You werent like this back in M1dnight..... bleh.

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    wow josh is GG i hope he can fix this to clear his name

    he was in error with me and i trusted him...

    i lent him money and he payed me back and shit

    gear lol everything and he could of scammed me ;(

    but he says he plans to pay u back,,,

    dont piss him off or i know he will just say fuck you haha

    We all have our bad days bro this should be worked out between them and if he doesnt pay him back well then we can say shit to him but im shure he will pay him back give him a few days haha
    i still vouch for him so:P

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    lol that fat beaner still plays ?
    anyways well he got raped in pathos by bloodzx which i warned him about :/
    beaners suck bottom line[/b]
    dont fuck me i never said anything mean :lol:

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    we shouldnt piss him off???

    well did i something wrong or he?...

    he said he need 1 week to pay me back...2 days left...

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    you are lucky you are getting anything back, even from something as little as 3 gbs.
    you should be thankful rathian has a little bit of compassion.

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    why i should be thankful? should i say thank u scammed me 3gbs and gave me 1.2gb back? lol stupid mofo....
    he is saying he gave me all back but im waiting now i think 1 month for the rest and he is just ignoring me...
    scammer is scammer...if he scamm 1 time he will scamm 2nd time...

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