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Reasons for Laggy Connection :S

This is a discussion on Reasons for Laggy Connection :S within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; just recently i havent been able to pk since when ever i get involvd in the action, i get DCed ...
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    just recently i havent been able to pk since when ever i get involvd in the action, i get DCed or have huge lag spikes.
    I can leave my char in merchant for days on end without DCing, its just when i do something that is more intense
    ( sometimes i can DC running around morodon, but never actually sitting in merchant )
    I havent done anything to change my internet settings and i phones the internet company; they said they havent done anything nor do they have any problems.

    Im just re-installing KO now but if i still get lags, i have no idea how to fix this. Any suggestions?

    TY in advance :mellow:

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    Stop d/ling porn -_- The reason could be that you or someone in your house is downloading, or maybe some hackers that might dc you?

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    it could also be because the servers was unstable at k2 for a while.

    they say that they have been doing an attemp to sollow this issue. so hopefully u can play again.

    i also heared that other programs like msn and stuff can make u dc if u have not split up the internet in ur computer, cause for some reason msn and other programs can take full internet capacity and that makes u dc. and this is just for like 1second but still makes u dc. so try keep computer with only ko online and i guess u can play.

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    Inclined to agree either server stability issue (most likely) or something conflicting and causing server to lag.

    I can exp ingaem but my skills usually lag by about 3-4 secs, which is a pain in the arse as I risk getting exped too.

    I might have a play about with my PC try and rule some things out


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