Hi everyone
I think that i have to repot u about Hexan`s story. He was hacked by his "friend" , but
that fucker didnt know that the Hexan will wanna revenge. He tryed to get his char back ( lvl 63 roque )
by the customers support. Then he get an idea. He think out that he can get his char from that
fucker back by ruses. He think out some false messages from K2 about his char and then he
sent that messages to fucker. In that messages was that the K2 is near to solve it. So fucker
get scared about that. Hexan sent him next message that include new false datas. In this message
was that the K2 will block IP of the guy that hack him. So fucker quickly change everything back
( password etc ). When Hexan take note about that quickly changed it again ( mean that
password etc :P ). Then Hexan wrote to fucker that his char is blocked indefinitely by K2.
So fucker still thought that Hexan didnt know anything. So he just scammed more ppl. Hexan
still w8 for the best situation. Then one ppl wrote on our forum ( www.moravia.unas.cz - it is
forum about Czechoslovakia_Legions ) that selling warior lvl 61 and 80%. Fucker noticed that.
He write to that man and they made deal. At that present moment i enter that story. I was interested
about that warior too. That guy that selling that warior is my friend and i played with him
for almost 2 year. My bro ( Terrorblade )had contacted Hexan on msm on my order. From this
moment we started planning how to get that warior with Fucker`s equip for us. Just steal it from
scammer :P. We made it!!!! Now we have to report u guys about that fucker. He had a lot of char
that scammed and hacked. Here they are - Exolord_cz , Trinity_cz , Vita_czech and all charakters
with nick Qwerty - like Qwerty_priest or else ..... On forums he use nicks : Hilis or that Qwerty
or Qwerty_priest etc .... So guys thats all. Be ware about that guy , maybe he will continue
play this game with new char or he will rename any of that hacked chars , so be really carefull!!!
Thats the end of story.

This mesage was already posted but i get some problems. I already fixed that problems so i am posting it again....