as it states above,.. i aint kno where this need be posted,... but figure all the buyers/sellers here might wanna kno so yo here the proof.....

those who kno me kno i not play usko anymore... i play Star Wars Galaxies,... fully P2P,... i just trying get money for grocerys wut better way then sell the acct. didnt expect this. also he changed G1 pw to lol123 so if he hacked any others try that pw. i kno this cuz he changed it b4 he got my msn. and i peaked,.... better safe than sorry this case thank god i did,.. the WU confirmation number he give me was false he gave me 102 223 3213 be warned if he try using same number on u. also used same PW for the acct.

MSN convo

3/11/2008 1:16:10 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Hi?
3/11/2008 1:16:21 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Who's this ?
3/11/2008 1:16:21 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis hey this jake from ko4life
3/11/2008 1:16:32 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) alright , Your name in ko4life is just Jake?
3/11/2008 1:16:38 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis jake/beric
3/11/2008 1:16:44 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Oh yeaaa
3/11/2008 1:16:46 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Cool shit
3/11/2008 1:16:47 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Decent
3/11/2008 1:16:57 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Still got your warrior?
3/11/2008 1:17:52 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) ?
3/11/2008 1:18:24 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis yupp
3/11/2008 1:18:32 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Decent , Imdoing a traed right now
3/11/2008 1:18:34 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Give me a min
3/11/2008 1:22:12 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright
3/11/2008 1:22:15 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) You have 2 vouchers ok ko4life
3/11/2008 1:22:22 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) One of them from the guy who gave you the warrior
3/11/2008 1:22:48 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis yes
3/11/2008 1:22:50 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) So , That is a bit shitty... but im sure we can work around it some how..
3/11/2008 1:23:10 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis k if u live in canada or us i got unlimited long distance callin
3/11/2008 1:23:23 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Cool shit
3/11/2008 1:23:33 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) What about australia?
3/11/2008 1:23:34 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Lol
3/11/2008 1:23:44 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis thats realllllll long...
3/11/2008 1:23:49 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Lmfao
3/11/2008 1:23:51 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Yea , A bit
3/11/2008 1:24:04 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis also i aint a.... i a canadian
3/11/2008 1:24:12 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Where are ya from in canada
3/11/2008 1:24:17 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Never called you a ...., haha
3/11/2008 1:24:21 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis ontario St. Catharines
3/11/2008 1:24:30 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis next to niagara falls
3/11/2008 1:24:33 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Nice
3/11/2008 1:25:03 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i just tellin u this so u needent worry, the other voucher i g=just gave my lvl 50 warrior acct to for free
3/11/2008 1:25:11 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) K
3/11/2008 1:25:23 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis with all the info
3/11/2008 1:25:35 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Good shit
3/11/2008 1:25:35 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Nice
3/11/2008 1:25:52 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis if u want kno more about me i on facebook and myspace
3/11/2008 1:25:57 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright
3/11/2008 1:26:01 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) That's cool
3/11/2008 1:26:21 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i play starwars galaxies now that y i sellin
3/11/2008 1:26:29 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Star wars is decent i suppose
3/11/2008 1:26:47 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis thios game is amazing. but also p2p
3/11/2008 1:27:04 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I've always liked Ko's PVP.
3/11/2008 1:27:08 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Thats why i stuck with it
3/11/2008 1:27:14 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis sooo down to business
3/11/2008 1:27:20 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Yes , Down to business
3/11/2008 1:27:30 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis at first i was askin 150
3/11/2008 1:27:37 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Kinda high..
3/11/2008 1:27:38 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i lowerd it to 100
3/11/2008 1:27:56 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i paied 150 in the first place for it, i already takin a loss
3/11/2008 1:28:08 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) True
3/11/2008 1:28:09 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis but wut is u offer?
3/11/2008 1:28:28 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis u play ronark?
3/11/2008 1:28:41 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I did , not anymore.
3/11/2008 1:28:48 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) But im interested in playing again now that i got myself some cash
3/11/2008 1:28:51 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis human?
3/11/2008 1:28:54 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Yup
3/11/2008 1:29:04 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis u ever come accross Shady08?
3/11/2008 1:29:09 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis the orc?
3/11/2008 1:29:16 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Not that i can remember
3/11/2008 1:29:20 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) That your warrior?
3/11/2008 1:29:25 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis in clan ExSS 100k nps donated main clan
3/11/2008 1:29:34 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Nice man
3/11/2008 1:29:35 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis 120nps
3/11/2008 1:29:39 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis 20k left
3/11/2008 1:29:54 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis all told has 140k nps
3/11/2008 1:29:58 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) , Theres my vouchers
3/11/2008 1:30:04 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) So you can know im trustable before we try and trade
3/11/2008 1:30:56 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis k looks good to me
3/11/2008 1:31:01 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Decent
3/11/2008 1:31:07 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis pre is up now tho
3/11/2008 1:31:11 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) That's fine
3/11/2008 1:31:26 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I was thinking somewhere like 100 usd for the account.
3/11/2008 1:31:28 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Really up to you
3/11/2008 1:31:34 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis that is all i wanted
3/11/2008 1:31:42 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis enough to go buy food
3/11/2008 1:31:55 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Yea ,100 bucks is decent once and a while
3/11/2008 1:31:56 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) haha
3/11/2008 1:32:10 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis all i gonna do with it is buy food
3/11/2008 1:32:15 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Lol
3/11/2008 1:32:18 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Why just food
3/11/2008 1:32:24 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Rent a movie
3/11/2008 1:32:31 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis cuz i out of grocerys and i got 2 kids at home
3/11/2008 1:32:44 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis
3/11/2008 1:32:55 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Your kids on there?
3/11/2008 1:33:13 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis yupp
3/11/2008 1:33:36 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Cool shit bra
3/11/2008 1:33:43 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright , I need to put some money on my paypal account.
3/11/2008 1:33:50 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) So i dont know how long it takes till it gets on there
3/11/2008 1:33:59 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I think its 2-3 buisness days , Can you wait that long
3/11/2008 1:34:01 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis can WU?
3/11/2008 1:34:12 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I dont have a goverment issued picture ID :S
3/11/2008 1:34:21 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) So i cant use WU
3/11/2008 1:34:24 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i dont think u need to send
3/11/2008 1:34:32 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis only to recieve
3/11/2008 1:34:45 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis well here anyways
3/11/2008 1:34:48 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright , I'll look into that tomorow when they open.
3/11/2008 1:34:58 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) paypal is slow as fuck anyways :S
3/11/2008 1:34:58 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Haha
3/11/2008 1:35:05 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis lol i agree
3/11/2008 1:35:08 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) 5-7 buissness days to get money out of your account
3/11/2008 1:35:10 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Thats bullshit
3/11/2008 1:35:15 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis yupp
3/11/2008 1:35:29 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright mate , I'll do my best. I'll go down to the WU tomorow and check shit out.
3/11/2008 1:35:36 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis k after u look into it, let me kno wut u will need from me
3/11/2008 1:35:46 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright man , You be on tomorow?
3/11/2008 1:35:48 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis for WU
3/11/2008 1:35:56 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis always... might be in game tho
3/11/2008 1:36:09 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis no KOL,starwars
3/11/2008 1:36:30 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright , Try and pop on msn tomorow if ya can.
3/11/2008 1:36:56 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis kk it will be on all day... well it 1:30 am here
3/11/2008 1:37:36 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright sounds good.
3/11/2008 1:37:46 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I'll msg ya tomorow to tell ya what ya need to hook me up with.
3/11/2008 1:37:51 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis kk
3/11/2008 1:37:56 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Take care
3/11/2008 1:37:57 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Cheers
3/11/2008 1:38:03 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis u 2
3/11/2008 2:48:14 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Sup Jake
3/11/2008 2:48:15 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) You there?
3/11/2008 2:48:22 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis yea
3/11/2008 2:48:29 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis wuts up
3/11/2008 2:48:35 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Went down to WU
3/11/2008 2:48:50 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I dont need government ID to SEND a payment.
3/11/2008 2:48:54 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) But i do need one to pick one up
3/11/2008 2:48:56 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) So we are good to go
3/11/2008 2:48:59 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis thought so
3/11/2008 2:49:07 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) So , Good call on that one haha
3/11/2008 2:49:07 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis what u need from me?
3/11/2008 2:49:17 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis my full name
3/11/2008 2:49:26 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis
3/11/2008 2:50:06 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) First and last name , , Etc.
3/11/2008 2:50:07 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis country:s
3/11/2008 2:50:32 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis a
3/11/2008 2:50:42 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) That's everything i need
3/11/2008 2:50:57 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis secret question
3/11/2008 2:51:00 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Before i send off 100 CDN , Id have to request to change the information.
3/11/2008 2:51:02 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) You dont have ID?
3/11/2008 2:51:10 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i do, but just incase
3/11/2008 2:51:17 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis wut is the chars name
3/11/2008 2:51:20 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis answer
3/11/2008 2:51:24 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis
3/11/2008 2:51:28 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright
3/11/2008 2:51:38 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Ima write all this down
3/11/2008 2:52:57 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis when u leave to go send it, i gonna leave too. as soon as it there, i pick it up come back here give u all my info for the acct.
3/11/2008 2:53:00 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Start sending info while im writing this shit down , Login , Pass , 3 secrets. So i can change before i head off to WU
3/11/2008 2:53:10 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) ah , I told you the way i trade bra :S
3/11/2008 2:53:21 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) And you have 2 vouchers man
3/11/2008 2:53:23 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis if u not believe i quit usko 1 sec
3/11/2008 2:53:36 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Man , It's not that. This is just the way i run things.
3/11/2008 2:53:49 AM Marcus A Lipke has been added to the conversation.
3/11/2008 2:53:54 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) Hi ?
3/11/2008 2:53:54 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) Haha
3/11/2008 2:54:03 AM Marcus A Lipke Travis, ~Jake~^o) Sup
3/11/2008 2:54:19 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis, Marcus A Lipke marcus can u tell him wut game we play and wut i gonna do for u as soon as i give him my acct
3/11/2008 2:54:37 AM Marcus A Lipke Travis, ~Jake~^o) Star wars galaxies
3/11/2008 2:54:42 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) You can get god himself to vouche for you, This is just the way i trade brotha.
3/11/2008 2:54:58 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis, Marcus A Lipke k i give u 1/2 now 1/2 after?
3/11/2008 2:55:09 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis, Marcus A Lipke or r u gonna go WU as soon as i give u info
3/11/2008 2:55:21 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) Im going WU right after i have all information changed.
3/11/2008 2:55:23 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) Simple as that.
3/11/2008 2:55:27 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis, Marcus A Lipke ok login
3/11/2008 2:55:31 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis, Marcus A Lipke
3/11/2008 2:55:33 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) Wowowowow
3/11/2008 2:55:34 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) WAIT
3/11/2008 2:55:35 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) WAIT
3/11/2008 2:55:40 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) Take marcus out of convo man
3/11/2008 2:55:40 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) HAha
3/11/2008 2:55:43 AM Marcus A Lipke Travis, ~Jake~^o) rofl
3/11/2008 2:55:46 AM Marcus A Lipke Travis, ~Jake~^o) i dont care i
3/11/2008 2:55:46 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) Lmfao
3/11/2008 2:55:48 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) Oh ok
3/11/2008 2:55:48 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o)
3/11/2008 2:55:50 AM Marcus A Lipke Travis, ~Jake~^o) i dont need that shit
3/11/2008 2:55:51 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis, Marcus A Lipke he play starwars
3/11/2008 2:55:55 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) Lol alright bra
3/11/2008 2:55:56 AM Marcus A Lipke Travis, ~Jake~^o) i have my own acct
3/11/2008 2:56:12 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis, Marcus A Lipke not talkin bout starwars this diff game marcus
3/11/2008 2:56:15 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) lmao
3/11/2008 2:56:22 AM Marcus A Lipke Travis, ~Jake~^o) oh
3/11/2008 2:56:23 AM Travis Marcus A Lipke, ~Jake~^o) Start firein away info
3/11/2008 2:56:37 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis, Marcus A Lipke
3/11/2008 2:56:52 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis, Marcus A Lipke
3/11/2008 2:57:03 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis, Marcus A Lipke
3/11/2008 2:57:46 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis wut happened?
3/11/2008 3:00:15 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Dc from msn :S
3/11/2008 3:00:23 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Sorry
3/11/2008 3:00:27 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) this is all the info i got so far
3/11/2008 3:00:28 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)
3/11/2008 3:00:38 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis
3/11/2008 3:01:13 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis now i give u seal pw and g1 login and pw after is done
3/11/2008 3:01:21 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I dont know if you read what i said
3/11/2008 3:01:25 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) ALL INFO , So i can change..
3/11/2008 3:01:31 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Then im headin out to WU
3/11/2008 3:01:37 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i lost 3 accts allready...
3/11/2008 3:01:46 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Yea, And I've lost none because im a good trader...
3/11/2008 3:01:51 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i kno u have alot vouchers
3/11/2008 3:02:00 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Yea
3/11/2008 3:02:01 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i still worried
3/11/2008 3:02:16 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i really dont wanna get screwed and i really need this money
3/11/2008 3:02:29 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) That's fine , But if you want your 100 bucks then i need to change infos first. Ive done like 15 trades + and never scammed or have been scammed because i ALWAYS do it MY way.
3/11/2008 3:02:50 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis k seal pw is in ticket... just to inform u
3/11/2008 3:03:01 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) alright , g1 login and pass?
3/11/2008 3:03:13 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis all 4 cc used on the acct is in ticket too
3/11/2008 3:03:18 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Good stuff
3/11/2008 3:03:23 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) g1 login and pass for info change?
3/11/2008 3:03:47 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis
3/11/2008 3:04:04 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis
3/11/2008 3:04:45 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis if all goes good, i gonna vouch for u on ko4life aswell
3/11/2008 3:05:05 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Awesome , appriciate it
3/11/2008 3:05:10 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Let me change some info , Then im off to wu
3/11/2008 3:05:23 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis let me kno when u out the door so i can leave too
3/11/2008 3:06:21 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) you gave me wrong secrets
3/11/2008 3:07:37 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis
3/11/2008 3:07:51 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) another dc
3/11/2008 3:08:10 AM ~Jake~^o)
3/11/2008 3:08:18 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis
3/11/2008 3:08:27 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis Hail, onfire18! Thank you for contacting Knight Online Customer Support. After verification we have processed the changes for the account as requested. Please be sure not to give out your account username and password to anyone. Please let us know if you have any other issues or concerns and we will be happy to assist you better. Thank you for your understanding and happy hunting!
3/11/2008 3:08:34 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright
3/11/2008 3:09:06 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis
3/11/2008 3:10:10 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright
3/11/2008 3:10:12 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Just changin shit
3/11/2008 3:10:13 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) hold up
3/11/2008 3:11:36 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) If i dc again dont worry
3/11/2008 3:11:40 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Just peice of shit connection
3/11/2008 3:12:09 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis well i waitin on u
3/11/2008 3:12:20 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Yea , Changing a shit laod of info :S
3/11/2008 3:12:22 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Takes forever
3/11/2008 3:12:26 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Give me like 3 more mins then im off
3/11/2008 3:12:36 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis if u dced for long tyme.... then i be worried
3/11/2008 3:12:46 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Yea , It wouldnt be more than 2 mins
3/11/2008 3:13:19 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) What is your mothers maiden name
3/11/2008 3:13:25 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) And what is your favorite cartoon car
3/11/2008 3:13:28 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Its asking me this on g1
3/11/2008 3:13:37 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) To change your account info
3/11/2008 3:13:42 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis naruto
3/11/2008 3:13:54 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis lafrance
3/11/2008 3:14:02 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis is my moms madin name
3/11/2008 3:16:36 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis how long it take u to get to WU?
3/11/2008 3:16:42 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) 2 mins by cab
3/11/2008 3:16:51 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis kk
3/11/2008 3:17:45 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i wait til u back so u can give me confirmation # they give u
3/11/2008 3:17:52 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Sure
3/11/2008 3:18:32 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Not sure how i change email to the account
3/11/2008 3:18:34 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) using g1
3/11/2008 3:19:08 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) How would i do that
3/11/2008 3:21:24 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) ?
3/11/2008 3:22:45 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) YOu there Jake?
3/11/2008 3:23:34 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis sorry took puppy out
3/11/2008 3:23:43 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) no probs
3/11/2008 3:23:52 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I need the change the email of the account
3/11/2008 3:24:05 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis ???
3/11/2008 3:24:17 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Of the account onfire18
3/11/2008 3:24:33 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis wut do u mean?
3/11/2008 3:25:09 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Hold up
3/11/2008 3:25:10 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Ill show ya
3/11/2008 3:25:33 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Contact Information Country: : [ Change Email Address ]
3/11/2008 3:25:36 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Need to change that email
3/11/2008 3:25:47 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis ok
3/11/2008 3:25:56 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) And it wont let you change the email of g1 accounts..
3/11/2008 3:26:36 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Q: Can you please change my email? A: Once an e-mail address has been verified through the Account Management website we will not change that address. We apologize for this inconvenience. [ Note: This answer relates only to older KOL accounts for players who do not have a G1 account. You can change your email address for your G1 account in the My Account Overview section.]
3/11/2008 3:26:40 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis it up 2 u... i aint going back to kol,... i dont for good, i at a new game that P2P, and wayyyy better
3/11/2008 3:26:55 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Can you give up [email protected]?
3/11/2008 3:26:58 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Or do you need it
3/11/2008 3:27:02 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis that my msn
3/11/2008 3:27:11 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis that everything
3/11/2008 3:27:43 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Shit
3/11/2008 3:27:51 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Because you can easily go in your email and get my password :S
3/11/2008 3:28:30 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis ?
3/11/2008 3:28:39 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) you can go in your email and change my pass..
3/11/2008 3:28:43 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) If i dont change the email
3/11/2008 3:28:44 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis k i am confued
3/11/2008 3:28:52 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright
3/11/2008 3:28:54 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis ohh
3/11/2008 3:28:58 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) You get it now?
3/11/2008 3:29:03 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Can i send a suport ticket
3/11/2008 3:29:05 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) To change email?
3/11/2008 3:29:16 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) And will you wait till this is changed before i send the 100 bucks
3/11/2008 3:29:18 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis yea,... but that is only G1... not the actual game acct
3/11/2008 3:29:34 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I can change the actual game account if i submit ticket
3/11/2008 3:29:37 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) So we are going to have to wait
3/11/2008 3:29:39 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) That cool with you?
3/11/2008 3:29:46 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) What time is it in ontario?
3/11/2008 3:30:03 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis no.. i cant wait u have all my info, u not trusting me here on i wont screw u i dont care about KOL at all
3/11/2008 3:30:23 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis this is puttin me on the spot
3/11/2008 3:30:30 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i upholding all my parts
3/11/2008 3:30:45 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) not really
3/11/2008 3:30:49 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis how not?
3/11/2008 3:30:54 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Just askign you to wait till i change email
3/11/2008 3:30:56 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i give u alllllll my info
3/11/2008 3:31:05 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis that could take a week with KOL
3/11/2008 3:31:30 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Im guessing like , 2 hours max. WU isnt even open where you live is it?
3/11/2008 3:31:32 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Its 5 am there yea?
3/11/2008 3:31:40 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis yup it open 24/7
3/11/2008 3:31:40 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) So by the time its open i should have email changed :S
3/11/2008 3:31:43 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Oh is it?
3/11/2008 3:31:45 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis yes
3/11/2008 3:31:47 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I didn't know that
3/11/2008 3:31:52 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Its open 8-10 here ithink
3/11/2008 3:31:56 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis it 3:30am
3/11/2008 3:32:21 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis but if it make u feel better.... i make a new email... and give up this one
3/11/2008 3:32:42 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Yes that would
3/11/2008 3:32:44 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) That would work
3/11/2008 3:33:03 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis all i use the e-mail for is msn.
3/11/2008 3:33:09 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright
3/11/2008 3:33:14 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Tell me when you are done making a new one
3/11/2008 3:33:37 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis but i need keep msn logged in til i transfer 200 ppl to new one
3/11/2008 3:33:45 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright cool
3/11/2008 3:33:57 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis i give u msn pw now
3/11/2008 3:34:03 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis so u can login
3/11/2008 3:34:34 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Sure
3/11/2008 3:34:40 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis 3/11/2008 3:34:58 AM ~Jake~^o) Travis dont log out my msn tho pls give me 3 hr to get all my contacts
3/11/2008 3:34:59 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) I wont go on till you're done
3/11/2008 3:35:02 AM Travis ~Jake~^o) Alright sure
3/11/2008 3:38:55 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Favorite historical person?
3/11/2008 3:38:59 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] For secret change
3/11/2008 3:39:09 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis ummmm
3/11/2008 3:39:19 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis i tryin to remember
3/11/2008 3:39:22 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] alright
3/11/2008 3:39:38 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis try bobdole
3/11/2008 3:40:06 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis or hit refresh
3/11/2008 3:41:15 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis it work ?
3/11/2008 3:41:29 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] yup
3/11/2008 3:41:38 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis kk so we good to go
3/11/2008 3:41:50 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis i cant even access the account
3/11/2008 3:42:10 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Yea, Just change the rest of the info
3/11/2008 3:42:32 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis can u forward the e-mails to [email protected] for me pls
3/11/2008 3:42:49 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] All of them?
3/11/2008 3:46:08 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis naw nvm
3/11/2008 3:46:16 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] alrighty
3/11/2008 3:46:20 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Tell me if you ever need a email
3/11/2008 3:46:36 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis no they all deleted
3/11/2008 3:47:18 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Kk
3/11/2008 3:48:29 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis so can we do this pls
3/11/2008 3:48:39 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Yea , I think i have everything changed
3/11/2008 3:49:23 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis let me kno when u back i should be just about done
3/11/2008 3:49:34 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] kk
3/11/2008 3:49:36 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] thanks dude
3/11/2008 3:49:39 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] be back in 10
3/11/2008 3:50:48 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis remember i need the confirmation code
3/11/2008 3:50:55 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Yes i know
3/11/2008 4:00:33 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis add [email protected]
3/11/2008 4:05:29 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Alright
3/11/2008 4:05:31 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Back
3/11/2008 4:05:38 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] You done with this msn?
3/11/2008 4:07:32 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis yes i sent all a msg
3/11/2008 4:07:51 AM ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Travis wuts the confirmation # pls
3/11/2008 4:07:58 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] Sign out of msn , Go on your new
3/11/2008 4:08:03 AM Travis ~Jake~^o)add my new msn or never talk to me again... [email protected] And i will send it to ya

then i go to western union no money. the number he give me matched no records they have. he changed pw to g1 b4 i gave him msn acct so i get my accts back.... i was smart and veryyyyyy lucky. HE NOW HAS [email protected] ALL BE WARNED IT AINT ME!!!