Yeap.. got hacked by babaxD. I dont know why I trusted to him. But anyways I noticed something funny. After when I got hacked I started to look babaxD's topics where he is selling lvl 62 rogue. Here you have link for that -> .

Okay there you have link for topic where he is selling lvl 62 rogue now look closer the answerers of topic. You can see there is ultimitkiller named player (who has about 500 messages) saying "bumb". So he needs to be this scammers friend or something?.. He need to know this guy from somehow.. I cant believe than someone bumb's some unknown player's topic right?. Ok now we have seen that ultimitkiller is this guys friend. Then we go to his messages. Here you have link for one of his topic:

K there you see hes trading lvl 60 rogue for lvl 60 mage.. Ok he traded it for someone, then someone traded or sold it to someone.. then i bought it. It still was level 60.50%. I leveled it to 61 and started to trading it. I tried to trade it like 2 weeks when this guy pm'ed me and wanted to trade. Trade sound good so I gave him ID + PW becouse he said hes giving whole acc info when he have checked my rogue. So then 5min later he said hes going to get drink "brb in 5min need drink". After that I didnt hear from him anymore.

I dont have ANY screens of that thing on msn when we traded, but I dont even care I just hate scammers thats so lame. Anyways my rogues name was ultimitkiller when i got it. And I didnt give even SQ to him and he knew how to change PW so he needed to know SQ I really think than im right.. Just wanted to tell ya these things ..