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Scammer Alert: Ancksunamoon, iPwnedChuckNorris

This is a discussion on Scammer Alert: Ancksunamoon, iPwnedChuckNorris within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; This is a Warning. I got scammed for a lvl 79 mage and 28GB's The guys C-west chars names: A ...
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    Default Scammer Alert: Ancksunamoon, iPwnedChuckNorris

    This is a Warning.

    I got scammed for a lvl 79 mage and 28GB's

    The guys C-west chars names: A lvl 81 Priest: Ancksunamoon, lvl 79 Mage: VERME, his Adream warrior: iPwnedChuckNorris
    His ko4life username is: iPwnedChuckNorris
    He is calling himself Dan on msn.
    His msn is: [email protected]

    Watch out for this guy he is a Scammer do never trust him.

    Here is the story:

    We where talking allready for arround 3 days on ventrillo and he looked like a nice guy. I asked for Vouchers of him to verify him being trusty
    and they did. Well it all felt good so i agreed on giving my stuf first ( i know now that whas verry stupid plz dont reply that).
    The deal whas The mage + gb's for the Priest (Ancksunamoon).

    I gave him all info + GB's. He changed all info and everything whas fine. He whas trowing nova's on
    my mage all arround Folk town.. Then it started: he played the priest everyday but even for the login and pass he had
    to search 15 minuts.... After 15 minutes he gave me the wrong info but kept saying it whas right.
    wel i tried manny but the logininfo whas wrong. Then after a while he said ''ow i gave wrong info'' so he gave new info,
    but it stil didn't work/ it whas stil not the correct info. Then it whas 17.30 and he had to go...
    he just ignored my questions that it stil wasn't working and the info whas not correct and he just left saying il be back @ 9-10pm
    (he has the same time zone as me).

    I tried talk to him @ 9pm, 9.30, 10, 10.30, 11, 11.30 12,00pm etc but he just ignored me. Someone who knew him
    went talking to him on msn and he responded to that guy but the moment that guy added me to the conversation the scammer went ofline...
    Also i logged in c-west on my adream char wich he knew so i let a friend of me pm the guy first and he responded then i tried pm him
    and ofcourse no response..

    wel its more then 24 hours now and stil i can't reach the guy so its clear he scammed me :S
    He whas in Vicarious clan and he left that clan hours after he scammed me so its really clear now: i am fuked.

    The screenshots here are from the msn conversation we had. there isn't much talking because we where on ventrillo but
    i think its pretty clear since u can see that he gives me like 3 different login names and passwords wich al didn't work.

    I know i whas stupid trusting this guy so plz dont say stuf like that in reply's. I didn't make this post to be called stupid.

    I made this post to WARN u al for this @#$%^&*( scammer!

    To a Forum admin or forum mod Ban this guy from Ko4life so he can't scam more people!

    Il probably quit usko, cya all good luck with this game.

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    i think that ipwnedchucknorris
    is knightdenial ( or somthing like that ) the guy got banned a while ago for scamming
    they way he talk is the same knightdenial used to , also i think that his name was Dan

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    shouldve bought my priest speapo shame u got scammed tho, dont let'm get to ya

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    that sucks mate, i really hope you get atleast some info back from the guy so you atleast know something


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