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Shinu stole my account

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    my accounts are all linked to my same email
    i was trading a priest to him on and didnt realize what linked accounts do
    this was all last night
    today he change my email pws (which i got back) and ocmpletely changed all my G1 account info
    i was just on REstes and got DC'd
    signed back on and my PW was changed and i cant get my G1
    i dont have any SOLID proof except my wortd
    The name Shinu, he was in IronWolves on Carnac West. He is the only one who had any idea what any of my account information was
    The items stolen include....
    lvl 69 warrior named REstes, skele belt, +3rv HB, roc, +2wht dragon
    he will soon have my other accounts as well im sure.

    so i guess im done with this game, thats too much to recover from for me
    he can go to hell, which im sure he will

    member profile
    notice he took the info about his char affiliations off

    dont trust him, gms u should mark his ip or w/e u can do on this site'

    any1 that sees this please tell hellsfury its not me

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    so, you made another thread.. Repost:

    First off, I never took the information about my character affiliation off, and this is just blatantly retarded, you assume I somehow stole your account that I knew no information about after having helped you get it entirely back once you gave it to me due to your retardation.. I had access to every single account you owned, and I did nothing, I guided you through the steps to recover each and every single account.

    Please look more into a subject before you throw accusation around -- I deleted you off contacts due to your stupid accusations already.

    Re-added you and trying to re-find MSN convo history.. Hell, why don't you post that - if I did something against anything I currently said then that should convict me right? -- Wrong, it will prove you're entirely wrong and simply being biased due to the fact that I talked to you about buying an account..

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    Ok, so it just so conveniently happens the day after you had so much of my info, when you are the only one that would ever have known such things. I dont have ANY sharers nor have i ever shared that info with anyone before. Try to play innocent and make me look bad all you want. Just allerting the rest of the members about what you did.

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    What info of yours do I know? Nothing.. I had no possible way of accessing your account after helping you gain control of all of it again.. I know zero personal info about you too..

    And what do you mean you've never shared? You fucking' told me that the priest I was going to buy was leveled by your friends.. I directly asked you if the account was k0xped, REMEMBER?

    So essentially, you allowed countless others access to your account, yet you sit here and deny that you ever had sharers? And are you denying the entire MSN conversation we had where I helped you take your accounts back and could have stolen EVERYTHING RIGHT THEN? Please think before you post - or speak for that matter, it's a basic concept.

    I no longer have access to it, however you do, why won't you post it? If I some how did any mischievous act or lied at all through these posts it'd be easily obtained through that, right -- the msn conversation that is..

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    that one friend livs 3 houses down from me and we have known each other for 13 years, which he doesnt even play the game anymore. But anway, just a warning to others.

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    So unfortunately you've already lied once in this Accusation thread, as I previously said, I know nothing about you, nor your details, so what makes you think I could steal your account? Don't say you've never shared when you have ^^ Btw, in MSN you said multiple people, so perhaps you're lying again? Once again, I shall repeat this, please think clearly before you just blame me since I wanted to buy it a day before..


    Sorry for the spam messages back and forth mods, however I don't like getting my name soiled instantly by someone I barely know when I simply was interested in buying his account.. Deal didn't go through, the end.

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    deal didnt go through, so u stole it instead? nice

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    ffs restes i wanted to buy it u could of sold it to me instead of a scammer

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    deal didnt go through, so u stole it instead? nice[/b]
    Deal didn't go through, so he changed the password and we canceled it.. Good job on your analyzation regarding the topic thus far. You really have quite an inept comprehension for a retard.

    God, read the thread more before any of you consider me a scammer. Now, as I previously said, and I will have to CONTINUE saying, I offered to buy his account, he told me the password to check it out, he was a retard though and didn't realize linked accounts give access to all of the accounts, so we canceled the deal and that was the end of our conversation pretty much.. About 40 hours later.. SHINU YOU SCAMMED ME. No questions asked, he simply assumes it's instantly me, now, regarding the topic, he's lied currently about various subjects and inherently admitted too.

    Some questions to ask yourselves, how could I scam his accounts, emails, and whatnot without any information!?
    He said he's never shared, but then admits he did, not to mention in the conversation we had he admitted to sharing with multiple people -- I came to know this information because I asked if he koxp'd, mainly due to the fact that the priest is level 75, with ZERO quests done, I mean zero, AND he hasn't put in any skill points since around level 60..

    Due to the above stated, I wouldn't put it past him if he somehow had a keylogger.. I have a reason to be defensive here, mainly because I'm being falsely accused, and everyone has that right.

    Regarding the other statement by Tindal, pure stupidity.. You didn't read the thread at all did you? We had to call off the deal because all of his accounts were linked, thus he could NEVER SELL IT.

    Close this stupid shit.


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