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This is a discussion on [email protected] within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; [email protected] is his e-mail\MSN he tried to scam my account from me about 20 minutes ago. Luckily for me, he ...
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    [email protected] is his e-mail\MSN he tried to scam my account from me about 20 minutes ago. Luckily for me, he was to stupid to remember the Secret Answer for the secret question.
    No screen shots were edit, these are for sole purpose of stopping this scammer.

    What happend:

    1.)Talked about how we were going to do the trade.

    2.)Figured I could trust him, and decided to give him all of the info first.

    3.)I gave him all of my info (User ID, Password, and secret question answer.)

    4.)He asks me if I would let him on the account to look at it, I said yea sure why not.I guess this is when he was changing the info and everything.

    5.)He logs off MSN for about 3 minutes, then logs back on.

    6.)Tells me his internet crashed, and asks me for my secret answer and the ESN codes.

    7.)I try to log on the account through the panel, he's already changed everything, so this is when our conversation picks up -

    Imageshack - msnconvo1.jpg
    Imageshack - msnconvo2.jpg
    Imageshack - msnconvo3.jpg
    Imageshack - msnconvo4.jpg

    Paypal account without any money 30 minutes after our trade.

    Imageshack - paypaled.jpg

    8.)I change the password before he verifies the new e-mail he put.

    9.)He changes back the password after he verifies the new e-mail

    10.)I try to recover with the secret answer and he never changed it, so another scammer fails.

    If you need any other type of proof let me know, I will be happy to supply it.

    PS - This was over my lvl 60 warrior on c-west, named MrFunkz this characted has nothing on it, the only thing it has is platinum. It's sad.

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    his ign = 1LightFeet2Arrows he tried to scam me to

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    Becarefull, just go with verified and trust able people. Get a MM orso. Look for people's trades etc.


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