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Soon to be hacked...again.

This is a discussion on Soon to be hacked...again. within the Tech Support forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; This is mainly a warning post. Most of us know K2 is dumber than a box of rocks, so anyway ...
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    This is mainly a warning post. Most of us know K2 is dumber than a box of rocks, so anyway someone managed to hack my account, actually one of them, then acted as me to gain access to another. This is partially my fault I believe because it had to be someone who knew my main account's name, so I'm not pointing any fingers but I have a slight suspicion the hacker is a little "closer to home."

    Anyway I've been playing a game of tug-o-war for my main account, God knows how many times the password and SQ/A have been changed in the past week. But this retard fails to give up, however I'm tired of this game, and the company that runs it so I won't be trying to convince K2 that I'm the true owner although they haven't seemed to notice that two people have been sending in LOTS of tickets over one account, one person (me) has sent in ALL the information proving that I'm the owner...but like I said K2 can't seem to put two and two together.

    So if you see Degrassi, Misterhat, or MissFlatline in-game it probably won't be me. As for the next few days I will spend a little time on Degrassi deleveling him just to make things crappy for the hacker, just until he manages to get K2 to believe that he's me (not very hard apparently) and get a PW change...heh a 50+ char with 285k np...woohoo. So yeah if someone tries to sell you that account, don't bother, I've been trying to get the damn thing blocked, but I doubt they'll do it. Also if you have any quick tips on how to get an account blocked quickly do tell.

    Good luck to all who still play this game.

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    log server 1 shout a koxp site or some shit like that :P fastest way to get banned.


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