Ok so back in the day when we used to play knight online, we were all thankful for the fact that when there were like 500 people in Moradon or CZ the game would automatically disable the weapon effects in order for our fps not to drop. Now though it seems that since I'm quite sure my new pc won't have any visual issues (especially since it can play triple A titles no problem) I'm wondering if there is anyway to crank up the number of effects that you can see on screen at any one time. Is there anyway to edit the options folder or something that will allow me to do just that? My other question is with the ammount of distance that you are able to view, anyway to crank that too? so that far off objects don't look pixelated only to become clearer as you move closer? Or to edit the distance at which you can view monsters? So that they all load up as you are running in that direction? Does anyone have any experience with something like this? I'd appreciate your help thank you. I'm essentially trying to make the game look as good as possible, so any help would be much appreciated.