Okay so just to make clear, my PC is quite good and way higher than required for KO; to put things in persepective, I can run Age of Conan and Warhammer online on medium-high graphics with no lag or any other problems (same as WoW and CS and basically any other games I've ever played apart from KO). For KO I keep getting these weird bugs/lagspikes sometimes, and I'm just wondering if anyone has ever got them and figured out how to fix the stuff.

Sometimes when I launch the game and type in my username and password, it just doesn't login: it stays with an empty KO interface and doesn't load the notice / information thing which you see before server selection, nor does it load the xxx hours premium remaining text. Nothing just happens and sometimes I just have to launch the game thrice before I get in, which isn't that big a deal as it takes only a minute but still a bit annoying every now and then.

A way more annoying problem is when I load in, I keep getting these small fps lagspikes / game freezes every now and then. The weird part is that when I open my character/stats tab, refresh my clan members online list, open the seeking party list and possibly some other tabs, the game just freezes for 3-5 seconds. This happens +/- 50% of the times I load into the game, and usually I can tell that this is going to happen when the game loads incredibly slowly: some 1% of effect data per 10 seconds or something, when usually the whole loading takes max. 45 seconds (this is when it doesn't lag). Apart from the lagspikes when opening the tabs, the lagspikes are around .5-2 seconds, and usually aren't too bad but as a healer it might be lethal to my party's members, because the lagspike cancels the heal, and I wouldn't want to get my friends xp'd.

I searched something in google and I found some people having some problems with other games too with their dualcore processors (I have AMD athlon 64 x2) and I downloaded new drivers and some dualcore optimizer from amd athlon website, but either it won't install them properly or then it made no difference in performance.

Hope someone knows something about this. Thanks in advance.

P.S. also tried disabling the CPU 0 from taskmanager -> processes -> set affinity, but makes no difference.

P.P.S. the loading process seems to go the same way every time when it decides to go lag mode: effect data from some 80+% onwards goes 1% per 10 seconds or so, then it goes fast until object effects or object data 99% and freezes there for some 5-10 seconds, and then character data goes in bursts of some 10% in 0.001 seconds and then it freezes for 5-10 seconds and another 10% burst. So I'm just wondering if it's my processor, my ram or the game files :S