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Wireless Net Problem

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    I have wireless net and one day while I was on it just stopped working. So I checked the thing that sends the signal and restarted it and all, I also refeshed the thing that receives the signal. When I go to connect to my net it says it has a signal but it wont connect to it...says its just unabled to and theres no way to diagnose it. I think somethings blocking it, I tried putting down my firewalls and restarting to see if it was my anti-virus but still same thing. My next door neighbors net works( they leech off mine) so it has to be my PC. Any help before im on hold for 5 hours with my net provider?

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    ur neighbors have blocked u! damn hackers. they are pro!

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    what do you mean by restarted them ? did you unplug them for a while and then powered them back on, or something else ?

    is your wireless network protected ? try checking if your neighbors didn't allow only their computers to connect (quite easy to do on a non secured, default wireless network).

    to check for this you have to have access to a computer that is connected to your router. first of all you need to get to your router's configuring page.

    go to start => run
    type in cmd
    type in ipconfig /all
    look for the line saying standard gateway, use this ip-address.
    type in the above ip-address in your browser (firefox, ie, etc.)
    you should be asked for a id and password combination. you probably haven't changed this so search for your routers standard id/pw (most of the times it's just admin/admin or admin/1234)

    after that you should be able to check if the router is set to block certain computers connecting, if not you can try and work fom there.

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    is already fix it


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