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This is a discussion on 0Men666 within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by Ali1989+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Ali1989)</div> <!--QuoteBegin-prist_pl2 LOL fuck off from me i just helped with trade talk with zylu not ...
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    Originally posted by Ali1989+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Ali1989)</div>
    LOL fuck off from me i just helped with trade talk with zylu not with me !! Im out of this fuckin deal !!
    u ll get ur ban....[/b]

    need duel social money to be fun ? -.- stupid turkish child who live in germany -_- zzz :angry:

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    Originally posted by Chabo+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Chabo)</div>
    actually ali didnt scam shit.....the guy who trade ali the char changed the pass on the yea he is a scammer...he can log into the account for the old ali1989 rogue but yet ali cant log into the warrior *

    now ali is stupid for giving this noob the new pass he made before he confirmed that he would trade it back

    omen give him the account back or the old ali back...stop lieing and scamming...and just cause ur in d1 and have 14 chars all low level dont mean ur not a fucking scammer

    as far as priest_pl....he is not scammer yet but i was looking for warrior level 59 and he pms me and says i have it for 200 mill...i said ok and he said here is my msn *

    when i add the guy it is not him...its his friend....he says give me 225 mill i will give u sq then...i said no.....i will give u 100 mill now u give sq then i pay u rest...he said ok...but i had to log when i came back priest_pl said he will give him the 100 aviv on my char gave him the 100 priest_pl gives the 100 mill to his friend and his friend tells him he gave me the SQ when he never i will wait 2 more days for his friend to come back from exams

    if not then priest_pl and his friend are scammers like the guy who scammed ali
    good group of people u all are
    Tez how ali knows 0men did it? maybe i did it its me old char ore maybe the other owner who i bought from? he dont have anny proof...[/b]
    did he send u the pass and for the new reset pass or did he send it to omen over msn....he told me he sent it to omen....either way he or u changed the pass....and u didnt give him his acocunt back

    and preist_pl u can tell me to fuck off and ur out of the deal thats fine...but until ur friend gives the sq your still in it.....i didnt give him the money and he didnt contact me on on these forums ....YOU that makes u responsible for helping him to scam....i told u on msn u should not have given him the money until i said it was ok and i got SQ....instead u gave it to him ur responsable as well as him

    why does he msn but not give the SQ.....he is msning me to see if i am there but never just sends me the SQ....just fucking send the SQ tell him or u get it and msn me it...i dont care....your both part of this trade....if u didnt want to be a part of it then next time dont be the middle man....and dont take money.

    we will talk more on msn and see if it can be worked out but its your friend and u got the money as far as i see it

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