I made purchase with seller A 18hrs ago. Payment was made with Paypal which is tied to my credit card. I filed a claim via Paypal 14hrs ago as seller ignored all my messages and I have not received the goods. The last I have reached the seller was 7hrs ago and he said he did not receive my money and was held by Paypal.

Paypal closed the case in the seller's favour due to the item being intangible and seller responded in Paypal claim that he had passed the goods to me. I attached logs of my conversation with Paypal and they stuck to their Ts & Cs, they would not re-open the case due to goods being intangible. Common sense is gone, which seller would pass goods if payment held by Paypal? Furthermore seller's site indicated the payment was unverified and system automatic refund but Paypal wouldn't consider this. Refund is nowhere in sight in my Paypal account.

Anyway I'm considering to do a chargeback with my credit card company. I'm asking has anybody succeeded in this and what actions would Paypal take? I'm fully understand I'm not eligible for buyer protection but it really sucks to get scammed and having those scammers go scott free.