I was running around Ardream yesterday, when suddenly I got 5 arrows from nowhere...then I started healing myself and got some other 5 arrows, from the same guy...started running in circles to find out who this archer was, and saw a Chitin-Bow Archer standing in there, 40 meters away from me...I ran towards him, and got another 5 arrows...got him comboed, and he started running, but still was shooting arrows...I was killed twice by this f**ker and its name was _FearFactor_

I was writing this because I want you guys to post every name and pic you could on this topic, not trying to get them banned, because that's impossible due to the absence of any GM on Ares...I just want to know which are the koxpers, just to be careful about them on a future (before they get banned somehow, someday, in my dreams).

I'll be posting pics and more names today later, so please, the ones able to log in to DLW please get those names in here too.

Thx guys, I'll get into tonight's DLW to command and kill those f*cking cheaters.

PS: also post human names, because winning a war just because some koxpers got the enemy's warders is not fun either <_<