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Beware of [email protected]

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    Default Beware of [email protected]

    Hello guys

    just wanted to inform you that this msn [email protected] was trying to scamm me
    he pm'd me saying he sell 34gbs for cheap
    he said their price is 2.5$ each (O.o OMG)
    i felt a scam since there are many gb buyers now and they buy for 4$
    he said he wanna do it by paypal
    i said ok since i pm'd thing and told him i will get these gbs and sell to him and thing pays that guy in the same time
    so i get some profits and thing gets the gbs and that guy sells his gbs
    then he wanted me to pay first
    i told him no and blablabla...
    he told me he is roxikcz here on forums(which i dk him)
    and told me he got banned for selling the best items on server (LOOOOOL is there a rule that bans a guy for selling good items)
    he told me these items were fr+2 and rols+2...etc(LOL)
    i told him we use a trade mediator (Which will be thing) he said he dont want to
    UNG(he meant making him busy for us) him for free i told him i will give thing extra money for helping us
    but he told me no i dont want to ung him for few gbs (LOOL)
    and then i told him i dont wanna deal blablabla...
    all that conversation was yesterday
    today he logged to tell me he is selling good items here on cw now
    hb+9 noreb and other GG items
    and he have NAME on cw and iam not
    he told me his resell characters are "Luckaa, MrsDobes, iRabbini, FuzzyWarrior"
    and told me this sentence "Im RoxikCz from Praha , i have got firm golf "
    i told him to use thing as mediator and he didnot agree again
    i told him thx and i dont wanna buy
    and then he told me "i have got in work for months 4000 $"
    then told me i dont want to trade with u i have got a buyer

    just warning you guys
    about that guy
    take care of him
    and maybe he used the names of his resell chars for some other trusted guys
    if anyone here have chars with these names take care about that guy using their names

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    he's already banned on ko4, he's like a gm item seller or somethin like that, was poppin up with +9 shit non stop.


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