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br0de (akara) scammer

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    i am friend of waton and i share on his new priest.
    waton is a person who bought a priest lvl 72.. first the name was renegade (orc) waton nation changed it and name changed it to uninvited..
    br0de sold the account to waton who bought it fair..
    he didnt had any problem with the account till this came

    as you can see br0de is telling that he is gonna scam back the account.
    waton keeps getting emails from msn that he pressed 'forgotten pw from msn itself'..while he didnt click it.. so br0de is on the move.

    we couldnt change all the info about the account because we cant login to g1..normally g1 login is same as k2 login..
    while buying the account br0de changed this info. So we cant login to g1 to change all the info.

    br0de thought that he could take back the account with his emailadress while waton was just 1 step ahead..he changed all the info about the emailadress and gave supervisor function to his main account.. he also changed secret Q and answer to that account, even as the pw ofc.. br0de tries to get back on that emailadress by telling that was his main emailadress..When waton logged in there were 0 people in the msn it couldnt be the real account. ANOTHER LIE FROM br0de..

    Today he pmmed me ingame by telling us to send a ticket to k2 and give him the ticket number..he said that saphyre (or something) was his friend and wanted to help us... now what can an ingame gm do about K2 tickets? euhmmmm NOTHING another try to scam the account back..

    K2 doesnt want to help us because they know ive bought the account..they dont support bought - shared accounts so wtf can i do now?

    any help is welcome

    ty in advance

    btw this is br0de his emailadress..
    [email protected]

    so watch out if you have him in your list

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    ty for posting..saved me a lot of time


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