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This is a discussion on DaSinister / HardCoreKillah within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by Dragula KOXP has been fixed in our server, there is no more KOXP. I didn't know it's ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragula View Post
    KOXP has been fixed in our server, there is no more KOXP.
    I didn't know it's OK to play a server, purchase KC and than chargeback. [Meanwhile try to sell those items for USD].

    I'm sorry for being new in this scene, but is it OK for me to play a server, donate 500.00 USD, dominate the server a bit and than chargeback to play another server?

    If that is OK I am sorry for pointing it out.

    I'm sure he had the time of his life in those 5 days right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaSinister View Post
    Im not sure who the guy in discord is, but its not me. Just a Random who has stole my name. I play Private servers Mostly Solo And i was In MyNameIs On sheldons Servers. I also played projectKo both launches and for about 1 month on global. Dont trust Players Ingame With ID's You see on Ko4life and assume its them. In my opinion Its your Fault for not checking. Sorry for your losses

    Not going to say you are guilty but I see lies here. You are not playing solo on any servers. Saw you with clans and even played with you many times before in the last year ish? Come on man, give yourself a chance lol.

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    Hastan You act like you actually played more than 5 hours Into a server with me lol. You know im a generous trustworthy guy i dont even know why you Posted a comment. You say i dont play solo and that you have joined servers with me. Broski You quit on day one with most the others and im always left solo with 1-2 friends to duo with.. Get your head in the game. Name 1 server you played with me where you played more than 1 day lol.

    The Fact this topic is still open Is bullshit. The people Who Reported me turned out to be scammers and idiots. They posted No proof and this is just bad for my name. I dont buy or sell anything on these forums. I bought Some things from chingy and mabe somebody else which was the only 2 times in all my years playing this shitty game yo. Anyone who Really knows me Will infact vouch that i donate loads and i also donate for my friends. Ive been trusted with accounts worth more than your shitty cars and i still have access because the people who actually play with me know better. We have seen many people copy my name in the last 5 months on almost every new server. The last time i played as Hardcorekillah Was on sheldons server or the very first ProjectKo. Since no proof will ever be found or posted because these claims are false. I ask mods to close topic And delete the spam on my account.

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