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    The story goes...

    I borrow to a good friend some of my gear and i decide to take a break from KO..

    After few months i decide to come back and ask my friend about my gear. He claims he's been hacked and lost all his and mine gear. i did not say he lies about that!! But he recovered well and now has maybe even better gear than before.

    He's not offering any items back to me and even quits my clan to join his old friends. Seeing that he has some of same gear that i borrowed him (KoK), he refuses to give some part of my gear back with an excuse that he doesnt have enough money/items now to get him some replacements, even tho my char is completely naked.

    one day he borrows me one his item (not even close to that what i borrowed him) and now...
    will i be considered as scammer if i dont return that item to him ONLY UNTIL he gives back PART of gear he lost.
    i am not a scammer and i will give him his item 100%.

    p.s. it's not about me, my friends example i am trustable 1000%, CS+10 plys :P

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    In my opinion. He sold "your items" or changed for better parts...
    "You" should tell him, what "you" thinking about this situation.
    He must give "you" something for "your" lost, its his mistake that someone hacked him - stole "your" items (very weak argument)
    "You" want play, but "you" cant - naked.
    Also he has better items then before..
    Very frankly conversation probably help or not.

    Or just finish friendship with him.... :mellow:

    This story is warning for another players. Dont lend your items.

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    Nice friends you got there -.-

    Anyway sounds like hes greed took over, and if he got some items on him after he got "hacked" I dont see any reason why he shouldnt repay you what he ows

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    He scammed you...unfortunately scamming him back sucks but it would make you feel better. Hopefully you wont turn into a full on scammer once you have started. A few people on these forums went down that road when a couple little cunt scammers got them.


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