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far leg cut

This is a discussion on far leg cut within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; i wasnt sure where to start this topic, i decided to put it here but i dont know if its ...
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    i wasnt sure where to start this topic, i decided to put it here but i dont know if its chaet, bug or just graphic delay, lag
    in last 2 weeks i relized especially at girakon 2 that when bunch of humans is chasing me (i play an orc warrior) i got slow down from far,
    at the begining i thought its a mage or archer who slow me down from far but than i rezlied that icon which shows at right up corner its leg cut icon
    so i tested it few more times, as soon as i saw hh aproching me i started run away and guess so... leg cut again i even saw warrior who did it (hit animation was visible) and he was far behind me
    1. well maybe its just lag but... few other players also were runing with me and we run in same pace so if lag i should see some of them or all just stop (u know how lags looks like so dun need to explain)
    2. i was playing on myko over 2 yrs and there most ppl were using glitching to move a bit faster, on ur screen he was still far behind and u alredy got hits but on his screen he was just on ur back - so maybe thats it (hard to say cuz leg cut almost never worked at myko)
    3. cheat, bug dunno i dont wanna to claim wuts it is cuz i realy dunno
    i would like to hear wut do u think guys and also if u had a similar knock ?
    no flames pls if its normal, i put it up cuz i m kinda new at usko and i wanna hear ur opinion, ty

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    i neva had that problem, maybe just graphics glitch or some shit.

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    you're probably lagging or they are some sort of tbl to make their skills work from far

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    i had alot of problems with this , or them hitting me with ice spells that are generally in the area but not even close ..... :angry: aq it really pisses me off

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    On other peoples screen you don't run as fast... Like when you run on your screen, it goes through the game like 1 - 2 seconds after, so they get chance to hit you.


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