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fhking scammer ban this fhker please

This is a discussion on fhking scammer ban this fhker please within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; [14:58] [email protected] : wassup [14:58] Chris (ZithromaX): yo, sorry i wasnt on yesterday however im waiting on my friend to ...
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    [14:58] [email protected]: wassup
    [14:58] Chris (ZithromaX): yo, sorry i wasnt on yesterday however im waiting on my friend to log in so i can trade the rest of the stuff thro
    [14:58] Chris (ZithromaX): he be on in a min
    [14:59] [email protected]: k
    [14:59] Chris (ZithromaX): also
    [14:59] Chris (ZithromaX): i just bought vak armor on the rouge acc and cant trade it till another day
    [14:59] Chris (ZithromaX): so when we trade you need to give me the valk armor tommorow when ur on rouge
    [14:59] Chris (ZithromaX): k?
    [14:59] [email protected]: i got grypton set so that would be even ^^
    [14:59] [email protected]: haha
    [14:59] Chris (ZithromaX):
    [14:59] Chris (ZithromaX): alright
    [14:59] [email protected]: plesae ^^
    [15:00] [email protected]: lol
    [15:00] [email protected]: thanks
    [15:00] [email protected]: lol
    [15:00] Chris (ZithromaX): np ^^
    [15:00] Chris (ZithromaX): how long u on for?
    [15:01] [email protected]: today? all day cuz no work, and not going anywhre i dont think
    [15:01] [email protected]: lol
    [15:01] Chris (ZithromaX): kk
    [15:02] [email protected]: what items u gotta transfer left?
    [15:02] Chris (ZithromaX): just some pots
    [15:02] [email protected]: i can trade pots with u if u want
    [15:02] Chris (ZithromaX): ill leave like 3ksoul and 5-15k hp on rouge acc
    [15:02] [email protected]: i can help u trade pots after we trade if u want to
    [15:03] Chris (ZithromaX): cause i prolly wont be bothered transfering pots that long cause it takes way to long
    [15:03] [email protected]: well its up to u if u want to, i dont mind just tell me if u want to
    [15:03] Chris (ZithromaX): kk, we do that then but still gotta transfer some pots and items through
    [15:03] [email protected]: aright
    [15:04] Chris (ZithromaX): couldnt transfer all items thro cause he had to go last night -.-
    [15:04] [email protected]: ooo lol
    [15:13] Chris (ZithromaX): alright, this is what we gonna do, i'll trade some soul pots + items then we#ll leave the hp pots on the rouge till your on it and if you dont mind, you can help trans them over, that ok with u?
    [15:13] [email protected]: yea
    [15:13] Chris (ZithromaX): kk cool, im gonna watch some tv
    [15:13] [email protected]: but how much HP pots can i keep
    [15:14] Chris (ZithromaX): he said he'll phone me when hes on it
    [15:14] Chris (ZithromaX): u keep like 10k-15k
    [15:14] Chris (ZithromaX): hp
    [15:14] [email protected]: k
    [15:14] [email protected]: just message me
    [15:14] [email protected]: ill brb
    [15:14] [email protected]: im watching movie on computer
    [15:14] [email protected]: lol
    [15:14] Chris (ZithromaX): ahh, k
    [15:15] Chris (ZithromaX): i'll pm you when hes on and when we done with the items...
    [15:15] [email protected]: kk
    [15:15] Chris (ZithromaX): gonna go afk watch some tv till hes on
    [19:35] [email protected]: no luck? lol
    [19:37] Chris (ZithromaX): yea im almost done trading items through
    [19:37] Chris (ZithromaX): theres 17k hp pots
    [19:37] Chris (ZithromaX): left on the rouge still
    [19:37] Chris (ZithromaX): ill leave them there
    [19:37] Chris (ZithromaX): till you get on the acc and trade me like 6k hp pots
    [19:38] [email protected]: k
    [19:38] Chris (ZithromaX): after we traded
    [19:38] [email protected]: so i can keep bout 10-11k pots?
    [19:40] Chris (ZithromaX): yea
    [19:40] [email protected]: aright ^^
    [19:52] Chris (ZithromaX): kk done
    [19:52] [email protected]: kk
    [19:52] Chris (ZithromaX): left, undying set 7+, str set 7+ and some dex jewely
    [19:53] Chris (ZithromaX): i'll give u shell boots,gaunts,helmt and dual shard 7 after trade
    [19:53] [email protected]: aright
    [19:53] Chris (ZithromaX): fresh valk armor and helm on acc ready to be used
    [19:53] Chris (ZithromaX): there unused, so you decide what u want the stats to go onto...
    [19:53] [email protected]: ok thats good
    [19:54] Chris (ZithromaX):
    [19:54] [email protected]: how we gonna do trade?
    [19:54] Chris (ZithromaX): this is how i wanna do the trade
    [19:54] [email protected]: k
    [19:54] [email protected]: ill listen to what u say
    [19:55] Chris (ZithromaX): you let me log on the warrior account for 10 secs to check the character select screen to check the account your trading has the lvl 75 warrior, once i checked you change pw for the warrior, then i let you log on my rouge for 10 secs to check the select character screen, then i change pw once u checked
    [19:55] [email protected]: sounds good
    [19:57] Chris (ZithromaX): once and if everything is ok then you give me all info for the warrior (except the password of the email), once i change pw of account of the warrior (at this point you still have full control of the account since you have the full access of the email address that you've registered with the warrior account), i give you all info for my rouge, including my email password
    [19:57] Chris (ZithromaX): then once the trade is fully done, i then give you shell 7+gaunts, boots, helm and dual shard 7+
    [19:57] [email protected]: wait, huh?
    [19:57] [email protected]: i dont get it
    [19:58] Chris (ZithromaX): k lemmie shorten it
    [19:58] [email protected]: u dont have ur 3 secret answers?
    [19:59] Chris (ZithromaX): you give me all info on warrior EXCEPT the email pw then once thats done, i give you ALL info INCLUDING my email password so that you have 100% control of my rouge, once thats done you then MUST give me the email password of the warrior account
    [19:59] Chris (ZithromaX): i got all info on rouge
    [19:59] Chris (ZithromaX): including birthday
    [19:59] Chris (ZithromaX): and payment details
    [19:59] [email protected]: oo
    [20:00] [email protected]: aright so, we log on each others account first?
    [20:00] [email protected]: than change PW?
    [20:00] Chris (ZithromaX): yea, i check the select character screen on the warrior once i checked you change pass
    [20:00] [email protected]: kk
    [20:00] Chris (ZithromaX): then once you changed the pass i do the same but for rouge
    [20:00] [email protected]: aright
    [20:00] [email protected]: give me 1 sec
    [20:01] Chris (ZithromaX): np, gonna go grab a drink brb in a sec
    [20:01] [email protected]: kk
    [20:03] [email protected]: gonna change my pw first, cuz its pw for all my other accounts and email lo
    [20:03] Chris (ZithromaX): back
    [20:03] Chris (ZithromaX): kk
    [20:04] [email protected]: kk
    [20:05] [email protected]: my username is - ******* (my username) , PW is - *******(my pw)
    [20:05] Chris (ZithromaX): k, sec checking
    [20:05] Chris (ZithromaX): checked
    [20:06] [email protected]: good?
    [20:06] Chris (ZithromaX): u can change pw now
    [20:06] Chris (ZithromaX): yea
    [20:06] [email protected]: kk
    [20:07] [email protected]: changed
    [20:07] Chris (ZithromaX): sec, im changing my current pw
    [20:07] [email protected]: kk
    [20:08] [email protected]: o yea, if u see me naked, cuz im wearing my undy set
    [20:08] [email protected]: lol
    [20:09] Chris (ZithromaX): fuk, i changed pw and pw was
    [20:09] Chris (ZithromaX): gonna reset it by my email
    [20:09] [email protected]: lol
    [20:11] Chris (ZithromaX): done
    [20:11] Chris (ZithromaX): the account has 16 days gold prem also
    [20:11] [email protected]: aright
    [20:12] [email protected]: ill log for 10 sec, than you change PW
    [20:12] Chris (ZithromaX): Account Name: *******(his account name)
    Password: ********(his pw)
    [20:12] [email protected] kk looks good
    [20:12] Chris (ZithromaX): u done?
    [20:12] [email protected]: yea
    [20:12] [email protected]: u changed PW?
    [20:13] Chris (ZithromaX): has undying set on
    [20:13] [email protected]: aright
    [20:13] Chris (ZithromaX): nah not yet
    [20:13] [email protected]: oo
    [20:13] [email protected]: tell me when u done changing
    [20:13] [email protected]: or do u wanna change my PW ?
    [20:13] Chris (ZithromaX): i changed pw for rouge now
    [20:13] [email protected]: kk
    [20:13] [email protected]: done changing it yet?
    [20:14] Chris (ZithromaX): yea
    [20:14] [email protected]: kk
    [20:14] [email protected]: heres info for my warrior now to change PW
    [20:14] [email protected]: ******** - ******** (my username and PW)
    [20:14] [email protected]: for website
    [20:14] [email protected]: and to change PW - SA is ****** (my SA)
    [20:14] Chris (ZithromaX): kk
    [20:14] [email protected]: tell me when u done changing PW
    [20:14] Chris (ZithromaX): what is the question?
    [20:15] [email protected]: what is mother maiden name
    [20:15] [email protected]: it work?
    [20:15] Chris (ZithromaX): Who is your favorite super hero?
    [20:15] [email protected]: oo i wait
    [20:15] [email protected]: answer is ********(SA)
    [20:15] [email protected]: shoulnd be that
    [20:15] Chris (ZithromaX): kk
    [20:15] [email protected]: changed it
    [20:15] [email protected]: ?
    [20:15] Chris (ZithromaX): nop
    [20:16] [email protected]: kk tell me when u change
    [20:16] Chris (ZithromaX): it said it was wrong
    [20:16] Chris (ZithromaX): my answer was wrong
    [20:16] [email protected]: oo i just changed it like 2 mins ago
    [20:16] [email protected]: what is question?
    [20:16] [email protected]: cuz when i change it was my mother's maiden name
    [20:17] Chris (ZithromaX): superhero
    [20:17] [email protected]: ******(SA)
    [20:17] [email protected]: is it correct?
    [20:17] [email protected]: cuz when i buy , he gave me 3 secretst answers, and mother maidens name was *****(SA)
    [20:17] Chris (ZithromaX): superhero
    [20:17] Chris (ZithromaX): it says
    [20:18] [email protected]: try refresh it until it ask for mothers maiden name
    [20:18] [email protected]: cuz other pw is for unsealing, and email
    [20:19] [email protected]: u changed it?
    [20:19] Chris (ZithromaX): pw changed
    [20:19] [email protected]: kk
    [20:19] Chris (ZithromaX): k give me info for sq/sq and seal pw
    [20:19] Chris (ZithromaX): but
    [20:19] Chris (ZithromaX): dont give me the email pw yet
    [20:20] [email protected]: yea, its ******(SA again)
    [20:20] [email protected]: and the other one is email PW
    [20:20] Chris (ZithromaX): k wait
    [20:20] Chris (ZithromaX): ill write this down
    [20:20] [email protected]: kk
    [20:21] Chris (ZithromaX): what is the answer to "Who ius ur fav superhero"?
    [20:21] [email protected]: i thought i give u after i change info, cuz if i give u all 3 u can change my email now
    [20:21] [email protected]: i already gave u 2, ill give u the email one after i change ur info
    [20:21] Chris (ZithromaX): i cant change email since u have the pw of the email
    [20:22] [email protected]: oo, i thought u say i change ur info first? beefore u change my email
    [20:22] Chris (ZithromaX): wait im confused...ko4life is the seal/unseal pw??
    [20:22] [email protected]: yea
    [20:22] [email protected]: and the other one is to change email
    [20:23] Chris (ZithromaX): Who is ur fav superhero what is the answer to that?
    [20:23] [email protected]: thats the 3rd answer
    [20:24] Chris (ZithromaX): What was the name of your first school?
    [20:24] Chris (ZithromaX): is says that i need that answer
    [20:24] Chris (ZithromaX): it*
    [20:24] [email protected]: didnt u already change PW?
    [20:24] Chris (ZithromaX): yea
    [20:24] Chris (ZithromaX): pw is changed
    [20:24] [email protected]: yea
    [20:24] [email protected]: if u have my other 2 answers u can change the email
    [20:24] Chris (ZithromaX): hmm k, wait then
    [20:24] Chris (ZithromaX): give me them
    [20:24] [email protected]: kk
    [20:25] [email protected]: didnt u say ill change ur info before i can give u?
    [20:25] Chris (ZithromaX): after u change pw on rouge
    [20:25] Chris (ZithromaX): what is payment details?
    [20:25] Chris (ZithromaX): give me the email pw, and the rest of the sq/sq till u change the pw on the rouge
    [20:25] Chris (ZithromaX): after you change pw on rouge*
    [20:26] [email protected]: so? i change ur PW first, and ur email right? than after u change my email right?
    [20:26] [email protected]: i thought u said that
    [20:26] Chris (ZithromaX): i did
    [20:26] [email protected]: yea
    [20:26] Chris (ZithromaX): thats how were gonna do it
    [20:26] Chris (ZithromaX): but what is the payment details on the acc?
    [20:26] [email protected]: what u mean payment detail?
    [20:27] [email protected]: hold on , i dont get what u mean payment details
    [20:27] Chris (ZithromaX): like was you used to buy the last kc? was it through cc or through click and buy?
    [20:27] [email protected]: ooo trhough CC
    [20:27] [email protected]: yea bought 4000 KC
    [20:28] Chris (ZithromaX): k give me the last 4 digits of the card so i can write it down, cause k2 ask for that stuff when i wanna change pw
    [20:28] [email protected]: kk
    [20:28] [email protected]: ****(CC info)
    [20:28] Chris (ZithromaX): is that all the cc thats been used on the acc?
    [20:28] [email protected]: 1 more, but i have to call my friend
    [20:29] [email protected]: ill give u ater we trade?
    [20:29] [email protected]: or call him now?
    [20:29] Chris (ZithromaX): call him the now so i dont ask later
    [20:29] [email protected]: kk
    [20:29] Chris (ZithromaX): right now im preparing info for you
    [20:29] Chris (ZithromaX): for rouge anyway
    [20:29] [email protected]: aright
    [20:30] [email protected]: talking to him now
    [20:30] Chris (ZithromaX): lemmie know when ur done calling
    [20:30] Chris (ZithromaX): kk
    [20:30] [email protected]: ****(other CC info)
    [20:30] [email protected]: yea thats it
    [20:30] [email protected]: thats the most recent CC number used
    [20:31] Chris (ZithromaX): thats the only 2 thats been used on the acc?
    [20:31] [email protected]: yea
    [20:31] Chris (ZithromaX): kk
    [20:31] [email protected]: when i bought he gave me, and my friend just gave me
    [20:31] Chris (ZithromaX): so its **** and ****
    [20:31] [email protected]: yea
    [20:32] [email protected]: so now i change ur info right?
    [20:32] Chris (ZithromaX): yea
    [20:32] Chris (ZithromaX): wait a sec tho
    [20:32] [email protected]: kk
    [20:34] [email protected]: ??
    [20:35] Chris (ZithromaX): im changing my pw again on rouge
    [20:35] Chris (ZithromaX): to give it to u
    [20:35] [email protected]: kk
    [20:36] Chris (ZithromaX): ******** (his account username)
    [20:36] Chris (ZithromaX): pw = ********* (his account PW)
    [20:37] [email protected]: kk
    [20:37] Chris (ZithromaX): sec, im looking for the file that has my sq/sa on my comp
    [20:37] Chris (ZithromaX): i changed pw
    [20:37] Chris (ZithromaX): u got access to acc right now
    [20:37] [email protected]: kk
    [20:37] [email protected]: yea
    [20:38] Chris (ZithromaX): ill be a min looking for this...-.-
    [20:38] [email protected]: kk
    [20:38] Chris (ZithromaX): u can log on rouge the now if u wanna and check the hp/soul etc
    [20:38] [email protected]: its ok
    [20:38] [email protected]: i believe you lol
    [20:40] [email protected]: now i need ur 3 SA's and ur CC payment info's
    [20:41] Chris (ZithromaX): sec bro im looking for this file, it has all info
    [20:41] Chris (ZithromaX): 1 min
    [20:41] [email protected]: kk
    [20:41] Chris (ZithromaX): if i cant find it then im gonna have to phone my brother and get the info from him on his comp
    [20:41] [email protected]: aright
    [20:41] Chris (ZithromaX): at 1:41am at night lol
    [20:42] [email protected]: lol
    [20:42] [email protected]: kk just tell me when u find the 3 SA's
    [20:49] Meebo Message: Chris (ZithromaX) is offline

    Than this fhker logged out .... he changed my info's, good thing i change the PW back after he log out... i changed all info's

    Help- since he have both my CC info's can he still get account back? anyway to prevent this?

    please fhking ban

    he came back to me and said he got disc... he said his "GF" pulled the plug ,and after i got my account back,30 mins later. he told me that his GF did it , so he said if i can give him information again so he could change so im like wtf? am i stupid?

    but good attempt on scamming me bastard please ban him

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    I THINK IT'S POSSIBLE HE CAN, AND ALSO ZithromaX IS A SCAMMER he tried scamming me with ROL through trading, i selected trade then we put items in the box then he canceled it then i selected trade again and that time he put a ruby +7 str ring up instead of ROL HAHA SO yes to SCAMMER.

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    Are you fucking kidding me? you scammed my fucking rouge, i gave YOU all the info first and you logged from msn, i was gonna post this all tommorow incase you got dced or something but this proofs it, your a fucking scammer. We were gonna trade yesterday and yes you gave me 1 secret answer and i changed pw like 20 mins AFTER i changed pw i got dced and i fucking explained to you on msn what happened, then today i pm you asking you again lets trade char and this is what happened, i gave him all info first and he fucking changed my email and pw.

    friedr[email protected] says:
    [email protected] says:
    [email protected] says:
    my bad
    [email protected] says:
    just woke up
    [email protected] says:
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    about trade, i'll give you info first, but i will give you 1 sa, once you change the pw of the rouge then you give me all info on warrior, once i change pw to warrior i give you all details on rouge, then we done the trade
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    i wanna do the trade soon cause its late here
    [email protected] says:
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    once we've done trade, i'll give you your dual shard 7+ and shell
    [email protected] says:
    i didnt use the 500 KC
    [email protected] says:
    its still there btw
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    sec, im changing my pw
    [email protected] says:
    [email protected] says:
    o yea give me 2 SA's, cuz i gave you 2 yesterday
    [email protected] says:
    once we do that, i give u my PW for warroir, cuz u already have all 3 SA's or do u still need?
    [email protected] says:
    after that , give me the 3rd SA
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    i wrote only 2 sa down here
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    [SECRET ANSWERS HERE][email protected] says:
    [email protected] says:
    and do u have payment infos too?
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    [email protected] says:
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    im the real owner of the account
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    so all this payment details is 100% right
    [email protected] says:
    [email protected] says:
    sounds good
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    right, so i give you 1 sa then once you change pw to the rouge, you then give me info on warrior so i can change pw to warrior, then i give you all payment details and the rest of the sq/sa
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    that good??
    [email protected] says:
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    k, you trusted me yesterday so now im trusting you, 1min im changing pw now
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    you there?
    [email protected] says:
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    pass is [EDITED]
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    when you get asked for an answer to change the pw tell me the question to it
    [email protected] says:
    [email protected] says:
    what city was ur mother born in
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    [email protected] says:
    changeing now
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    Chris (ZithromaX) says:
    when u change pw tell me info on warrior[/b]
    SS:- Note him logging from msn as soon as i gave him info

    Topic of you wanting to trade warrior for rouge and proof this is YOUR fuking msn.

    I wish to hell i never trusted you, yes yesterday you did give me info to the warrior and i got dced but did i fucking scam it???you changed all info on email and pw when i was offline and you have the fucking access to both chars.

    Also, would someone do an ip check on "PussyOrcKillaZ" i'm pretty sure it's the same scamming prick that made this topic.

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    wrong section, i just move it for you oki..

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    fck u gila u noob get a fcking life ban this gay


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