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I would like to warn you against a scammer. He bought 30gb for 32$ on KO-Myko server then after 6 weeks open a dispute on Paypal says that he didnt get virtual goods he bought.
Im adding screenshots with all his infos, proof that he tries to chargeback and conversation on discord. Case on the paypal isnt finished yet but I think I will easily win this one but it doesnt matter, scam attempt is scam attempt:
The thread with the evidence is archived. Be careful out there.


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I can cofirm he scammed at least 2 players on KO-MYKO that I know of, which have provided proofs of sending him money, but he hasn't delivered the items. I've blocked his account ingame to prevent him trying to take anyone's elses money. I guess now he is doing chargebacks for real money trades he made with otherplayers from 2nd month of the server. At least it seems so.

I've pmed him on discord to refund the guys that he didn't deliver at least. In short he told me to fuk off, left ko myko discord and disapeared into thin air and told me to keep him banned lol.

We don't support real money trades on KO-MYKO, but we also don't support scamming. That's why he is blocked.