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God Damn F***ing HACKERS

This is a discussion on God Damn F***ing HACKERS within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; OMFG. MY ANGER RIGHT NOW IS HARD TO COMPARE. I made a new character (Road) on EDANA, I was on ...
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    Default God Damn F***ing HACKERS

    OMFG. MY ANGER RIGHT NOW IS HARD TO COMPARE. I made a new character (Road) on EDANA, I was on E3 moraden and I saw like 500 macro'ers. I tryed to load fraps but KO FROZE BECAUSE OF THE LAG THE MACRO'ERS CREATED. Then I had to manually Unplug my computer. Turned it back on. Tryed to load a browser to post this. THEN THE BROWSER FROZE. Restarted 5 TIMES doing the same thing. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz God Damn hackers ruin my computer off ko. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: . Well, now is my first successfull try at contacting you guys. Who is the GM for EDANA. I never see her on EDANA anymore. Appears she left after first day, or stoped announcing. . Well, guys go E3 and fraps these hackers(Given the lag they produce doesn't freeze your ko :angry: ). You won't have a hard time finding them. Every other party is a macro party. I'm suprised nothing is being done now... zzzzzzzzzzzz

    Sorry for the big long rant but I'm sure you can agree with my frustration.

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    You cant find GMs here.GMs just take their money then sleep again.

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    i agree its even come so far that those damn koxpers have more np then me now. Like Davidoff and his noob clan all day hacking @ dts estland. There from orcs btw, and now he has top 10 sign np.
    wtf is this shit they have no skills @ all and lvl with hacks then make np etc.
    Serious GMs need to ban all these fucks

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    yeah...i got some frapses...and dont call me a noob but one of the macroers was a karus warrior...he was sitting down and attacking and by definition that is a hacker...anyway his name is KungFuFists its on edana. Others include immortal67 on edana, Fear_Lost on edana, and GotMilk on Olympia (that one is a mage). These hackers are getting WAY too skilled...what next, a priest?


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