First of all, i'm not saying he is a scammer.,
but i just wanna warn people about him in general, i'f I'm wrong feel free to reply
and I'll get a mod to delete this topic.

Anyway, so some guy added me on msn [email protected].
what made me think that he is suspicious:

  • Email wasn't verified.
  • He got my msn from a friend, and I don't know the friend.
    (My email is only on this forum, and I have no clue who his friend is)
  • He first insisted that i gave Gbs first before getting money.
  • Somewhat later, he would give a 77 rogue char first, then i had to give gbs, and then he would send the money.
    (most strange deal ever if you're selling Gbs )
  • On the end he claims that i wasn't trustworthy and didn't have vouchers
    (And obviously i do have allot vouchers)
  • he also claimed his ko4life was dogidog, which immediatly told me a No-go: scamers- lancelot , raekan and dogidog

That's pretty much it, i know it aint much but it was enough for me to decline trades with him.