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Hmmm is a Scammer

This is a discussion on Hmmm is a Scammer within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Stop denying it thats why i got dced nd info changed Ur saying some old shit that all scammers say ...
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    Stop denying it thats why i got dced nd info changed
    Ur saying some old shit that all scammers say
    like Oh man what happened im sorry like:
    You must have made an error in changing info
    how can i scam you chnaged all info
    pfft all that your info is public now just get a job
    nd quit camping ko4life looking for victims[/b]
    hmm now it's getting intrested and i'm really curious if you scammed his priest first (not saying you did, just saying i'm VERY curious because you don't wanna give a real answer on that)

    made 66 posts in 1 day. big spamma

    dun dun dun -.-[/b]
    he's the devil :P +666 for him

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    Post some real proof please. Your word alone is not enough to get someone blacklisted.[/b]
    LOL Scamming MOD *Awesome*

    Ok i asked hmmm for a char tarde but i asked to get 1st info of priest nd hell give em the warrior after i give him mage So yeah
    after i changed info i blocked him to check if hes refreshing MyKol (safety first) i got scammed nd learned how to dont get scammed look upper posts nd ull see why nd as expected i got dc entered website to check suser nd combination incorrect "BUSTED"
    i wont do any tarde with that guy im very careful when its someone whos not known here ...
    Think whatever you eant to think i dont get scammed easily as all other noobs

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    There's not enough proof to ban him. It's only your word, you need to have more evidence if you want him to get banned.

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