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Incredibles still calling em self non-tblers?

This is a discussion on Incredibles still calling em self non-tblers? within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; 80% of the top players on orc side are using edits on oly, I don't think edits will ever be ...
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    80% of the top players on orc side are using edits on oly, I don't think edits will ever be banned. I have never seen one band and doubt they ever will.

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    haven't logged girakon like a month. when i was el-moradian i was attacking teges squink and andaresta, non of 'em had TBL. this is wot i saw. now i'm in the clan and all i know about 'em that they used DC hack against NCSU. i'll be playing again if k2 can disable tbl edits. if not i think i ll take a big break from usko.

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    show me anyone from my clan who use any cheat on pk becouse this game is pk not bugged dungeon where you have to wait 50 minuts to loose .... show me any my clanies that use any programm on pk in cz war or sth like that then we can start to talk about real cheaters if you want to write abut dungeon better stfu becouse i didnt paid money for bugged events so if i were mage would also use sth not to stay there 50 minuts or wait for humans win after 4 minuts
    give me proof that someone from my clan use any cheat on pk then we can start to talk[/b]
    Rofl i loled so hard , so cheat on dungeons or xp isnt cheat but do it on pk is? , u sound like a 3 years old kid .You pay for have % of xp , some kc and for log in game , u got that things from ur premium rigth?.
    But the fact that u call ur clan last legit clan in girakon when u admit u guys cheat at dungeon or at xp make me laugth.

    +10000000000000000000 we got dc every fukin dungeon in last month i earned 1gb from dungeon in last month
    becouse we kill those noobs from nobody and human bulls in cz every time they dc us and then laugh on pm this game is fukin joke

    tell me please how to be 100 % legit ???? another person who dont know what is going on in this game ...
    ao ppl who babashop also buy bugged items so tell me who is legit in this game ?

    your mother ?

    i dont know what is the point of talking about cheaters if 98,7655% of players use cheats now ....

    except me and most of my clan ...[/b]
    Threre is a diference btwn babashopers and cheaters , the baba.. has to pya the items with his own money so he lose his money for buy items , the cheater just use a program so all that he do is win .

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