Pretending to be "Lati" on this forum, and is trying to sell an account to me.

A part from msn conversation:

ɯ<3-sɐәɹpuɐ säger:
what about them shells, wanna sell just them non-rebirthed pieces?
Kenny Blood säger:
but I rather to sell u as much items as I have
u said u gonna wear +0 uniq
maybe u need glass+0 ?
ɯ<3-sɐәɹpuɐ säger:
ur Lati on ko4life?
Kenny Blood säger:
ɯ<3-sɐәɹpuɐ säger:
pm me from ur account, im Twist3D
what about 3rd post
"Its prolly scammer, so watch out me ONLY via pm here!"
well, silence is answer enough

His WU name is Adam T*********o.

Since i pretty much closed the deal by now i can't say he's a scammer, though it sure looks like it...

Edit: 0ops, was suposed to be in KO-section...