Ok Today

One of my clan member called LickM3Down(sub Char : Limedral)Scammed me for my Hell breaker+7(i had it for one day) on a warrior that i just got.Ok here is what happend.

1st we where vsing he ask me if he could try my HB+7 and i said sure bc his a clannie and a very good friend of mine,so i let him try it and he said i bugged he so he relog and gave it back.

Whene i was merchening he pm me to ask me if we could exp i said ok,whene we where exping he ask me to use my HB i said ok and he logged off and then reloged and said "I fuk ur mom" and said he his gonna sell it and he did .

Here are SS:

Here Are All the Photos to show u i did not edite anything


and more ...(He is planning to name change)