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Meagashira = Scammer

This is a discussion on Meagashira = Scammer within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; U dont believe cuz u not scammed ....
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    U dont believe cuz u not scammed .

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    Everyone here who is calling the people who got scammed idiots are stupid.

    I guarantee that there is someone in ko that u trust more then everyone, who u would give ur account into to without a doubt, and give him items 2 use while u dont need them etc.

    Meaga earned this trust, and then he abused it.

    Its not foolish to be fooled by this. I doubt there are many ppl in the WORLD, not even just KO, who could befreind so many ppl to such a level and then have the heart to scam them.

    This is completely different from scamming someone from ko4life. This is getting 2 know someone, buying their trust, and then ripping them apart. Its the KO version of a long con. He would have had 2 plan this months in advance, and he is obviously very intelligent to be able to pull something off like this.

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    its simple i was working hard to get clan up then i was hacked 2 weeks ago remember i was able to get some items of a1ae so i could continu

    i never planned on disbanding the clan my plan was to give vurio back leadership and a few weeks later add with my new name curio knew this and curiostiy never lost any items i know he says he lost evry thing but he didnt lose shit and what happend now is i transfert some items to him and handed over leadership and at that point he disbanded the clan right away saying evry one i scammed all from start our plan was to get evry ones items sell them usd and go new server i stiul have mony of the items just dont b seprised if curio sudenluy says this week he had a dol or smitehammer from redchest... or a wp from atila for that matter just know i wil sel my char including items and after taht its done and ill have back the mony i have spend. oh and a1ae real owner knew this aswell he even gave me the new password to the char it was even 1122 he made it nietwaar now its changed again he also is the one ythat transfert all the items on a1ae to me how do you think i was able to get evryone to give me items and clear a1ae and healing in less then 5 minutes you stil think i was alone in this?? curio filled your heads with saying meaga is truustable... gl cya
    That was in my Mail Center!
    I post screen later![/b]
    Wow So this guys is meagashira ?!

    Hmm Why did he made TheShiri.. And BTW I knew that you were going to go on the new server ? Nope..

    And BTW I didn't got anything ! The only nice thing I've got from RedCheast it was Hanguk Sword.. and I've killed attila like hmm.. 21 times and it was at the beggininng and we never got anything !

    BTW I don't belieive that this guys is Meagashira.. If you are come in the IronWolfz Ventrilo and come talk to me faggot !

    Sorry for my language but that piss me off You are a fucking scammer and I'm not involved TY about saying that I was involved and I never knew that you were going to give me the leadership cause you didn'T ! You only DB the clan without doing anything and scamming everyone..

    So Seriously I've never scammer anyone in this server and I wont !

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