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Nati is the scammer now :) not me

This is a discussion on Nati is the scammer now :) not me within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; #*#*#*# READ THE WHOLE TEXT BEFOR JUDGING #*#*#*# ###Notice: I've tried to tell Nati/Elad all of the following information before ...
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    ###Notice: I've tried to tell Nati/Elad all of the following information before I sent it over here ###

    So, here goes

    Me and Nati merged acocunts on 20th december. The items issued: WP+2/ROL/ROL/SE+1/SE+0/SKE belt/FP+8 set +9 helmet and dual cleaver+9 => Nati and Elad both thought that SE's were crap, but I liked them. (if Im correct) The merge would only continue with the condition that I'd have full control over the password/seal - unseal answer, these conditions were not set up by me, but by my friend and sharer with who I have been playing and sharing from (almost) the beginning of my "KO-career". Later that week I left for Aruba to recover from a car accident, which happened earlier, my whole family was gonna join me on this trip and we have 3 cats at home and we needed someone to take care of them. Wynne is a well known friend of our family and he said he would take care of it. While I was gone, Elad (aka Reinhardt @ manes server) also merged his items with Nati. He (as I heared later) traded his Akara items (which were on my account) for items on Manes. I don't know when this happened. In my absence of 2 weeks and 2 days, Elie-Shai also got a hold of the account and he also played the account, he told me this later. Later, I was allowed to use my computer for just a few hours a day. I was trying to get a hold of Nati to talk to him about the account. I called Wynne and asked him the account-info's so I could check if the account was still fine. "Invalid Password".

    What happened? I'll tell you.

    Just 9 days ago (or something like that) I talked to Elie-shai. He told me he played the account, but, when he told a certain person he was indeed playing the account, Elad got pissed off and told Nati to change the password. This was ofcourse the perfect opportunity to sell the "crappy" SE's and get some new items. And so they did. I don't have exact dates of when this all happened. They blocked Elie-Shai from msn and they also blocked me. I tried to get in touch with Nati, also through ko4life. After 2-3 days I decided to call him on his cellphone. Surprise surprise!!! He answered the phone! He sounded kinda stunned when he heared it was me. I told him to come msn and so he did.
    We talked and talked and he told me he indeed got hacked and he was doing everything he could to get his account back. So, I was like: "w00t". I came back from Aruba and the account was back. Apparently the "hacker" did not know the SA because all my items were still on it, except for the SE's, strange? He was able to change e-mail adress + password but he was not smart enough to ask CS to change SA, or to check CS for payment info's?

    Anyway, as soon as I got back, I logged the char and checked if the SA still worked. It didn't. Nati didn't tell me he changed SA. Ofcourse I asked him to tell me the SA and we'd have start working on getting lvl 80. However, he decided not to and I asked him to give me back my items, and so he did. From that point on, we split our ways. Nati changed his PW and I started to play my dlw char again, Vynd.

    Than, Nati's char got hacked, once again?! Ofcourse Elad and Nati were stunned, and so was I. For as far I know they lost the following items:
    Shell+8 pauldron (=> I traded this party with him when it was +4 reb for eme+30m)
    4 chitin's +8
    IB/IN/ROL's (+0/1/2) EME's

    In the meanwhile, Wynne sometimes seemed to have farmed some items and he got some SE's back, 2 more rols and later on some more items. We performed several upgrades with some nice successes, sold the items and bought FP's+8/SE's/RoL's and some more crap.

    We talked few times. Than, all of a sudden, Nati talked to me on msn saying: "Erik, I can't believe that you did this to me. I trusted you. Etc"
    I was like: "wtf".
    Nati: "I saw you selling +5/15 shell pauldron"
    I told him: "ya duh, I bought it for shit price:S"
    The conversation kept going and going.
    We had a big trio-conversation: Elad, Nati and me. They both accused me of scamming him. According to Nati I was the only one who ever had the account's correct password for the website. (I don't really believe this but who cares). The conversation got a kinda freaky twist when they both started to threaten to kill me, ya, you're reading this correctly, they were threatening to KILL ME. (Kinda gay if you ask me, killing some1 over a gay. ) I was like: "ya, sure mate".

    We didn't speak for 2-3 days. Apparently Wynne in the meanwhile talked to Elad (and/or?) Nati. He told them he was the scammer. He confessed every little detail to Elad/Nati. I don't know who he talked to. One day later, Elad started talking to me: "Lol, you really think we believe that wynne scammed us?! Fuk off dude, we know you use Wynne as cover up name"
    So, again, I was like: "wtf?!"

    Meanwhile I didn't see Nati or Elad online for a few days. At a certain point, they both were online and they again started to threaten me. They both said: "We'll make you pay for what you've done to 'us' " I told them they could check my account. The items were sealed so I didn't have much to hide from them. I gave Nati the PW and he logged my char. He first checked my rogue + his items.

    If I'm correct, he found:
    3 (or 4) x FP+9, and chitin pads(/pauldron)+8, dual cleavers +9, SE+0/SE+2/rol+1/rol+1/SKE belt/WP+2. That should be it.

    He also checked my priest and mage. There was nothing special on it. Than Nati started to talk about the Inn hostess. He found a Chitin goblin pauldron, a few chitins+8 and an MP-absorb sword breaker. I started to explain to both of them the following:

    "I saw the gob pauldron on merchant for 275m. I was stat as 90hp, and I did not have a pauldron at the time. I decided to buy it cuz I didn't have anything else. The chitins +8 are me reserve gear and the gear I used when I didn't have my fp set yet. The MP absorb dagger was on merchant for 200m and I thought it was cheep". Elad told me that: "we have more proof now". I was like: "omg, I show you my account and it still isn't fine with you?! What ever guys." They didn't talk to me anymore from that point. They were offline for many days.

    I was not up-to-date about what Wynne had done the day before. 2 days later I decided to call Wynne and tell him that we needed to talk. There was too much strange shit going on, and his name appeared several times.
    More 2 days later, me and Wynne met at his home and we started talking. After only 5 minuts, Wynne admitted that he indeed scammed Nati.
    He told me how he got to his account:
    "You gave me the correct pw for website, you didn't use it to log on the CS page. The first second you gave me this information, I used it to log the CS page. I saved all the info's. When I was at your house, I cracked your saved/encrypted files and checked for the SA from Nati's account, I used the payment info's and the previous SA to send a ticket to CS. But, I didn't do it at once because I already thought Nati might start to get some new items." (Note: I indeed use encrypted folders for my ko-files and of course other files. They're protected with 'personal information questions&#39
    He sold most of the items and each time he logged on at night, he also sent the Iron necklace to the account, when he stopped playing, he put it back to his noob account and more of these shits. That's how he each time got some new 'farmed money/items' and I didn't even know what was happening.

    I came back home and I started to write a letter for Nati. I did not get a chance to send this letter. Why not? Because Nati and Elad hacked my char, Vynd. I woke up the next day and tried to log and put the char on merchant. The password was invalid. Nati and Elad haven't been online for days now and I know 100% sure it's at least ONE of them.

    So, Nati/Elad, after all this bullshit and threatening, you indeed hacked/scammed the wrong person, just like I was saying for 9238457923457 times. I didn't do anything, just like I told you. I'll ask Wynne to post a message over here and you can ask the admins to IP-trace the whole shit and you'll see that ain't me. I told you I wouldn't do anything to you/your account, same goes for you Elad. I'll try to get back your char. But I don't know in what state it will be.
    You both are pussies for not answering my msn-messages, I wanted to keep this of the record, so your names wouldn't be screwed. You got this one on yourselves. You know I'm right this time.

    If you have the balls, you should give me back my items, now that the whole Knight Online community knows that I'm UNGUILTY. If you have any arguments or questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them.

    We'll talk soon, I guess., Nati.


    PS: I know many of you are now pre-judged about me. I've been called a scammer for no reason. Nati and Elad thought they had the right guy. But they didn't. If they have balls, they'll tell you the same thing over here, and clear my name.


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    ok , i read this shit

    this is not the first time u scammed their char

    u scammed elad items in akara (HB+6 ROC (or rom??) chitins and many more things in AKARA)

    elad's items in manes in Reinhardt (elad didnt knew whats going on, and he tought its elishay at first coz mybe he was joking but it wasnt him)
    thats 2 scams

    now on nati, i dont care if u fukin scammed or it was ur gay friend u need to give them back everything

    no1 scammed u , u just lie now.

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    So bro u will get ur items back?I want u Back man!<3 gl!And give them items guys!


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    i talked with Nati a few times in the last 2 days and he was always on, he said that u scammed he and i was like WTF :S

    They Elad and Nati maked a new char ardream always a rouge
    is nick is JuniorNati (human side)

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    check your facts cause it is kinda bullshit what i know from it....
    ps this is for wrong...

    (KO legend )

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    yeap, he is a dirty scammer.

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    i have my own story Im elie-shai btw

    So here is the story :

    Nati has his rogue hacked and he decide to come back playing with several sharers to recover a new good stuff.
    So Nati was naked and he found several people to play on his rogue and bring their stuffs with them.

    So, Elad (Reinhard in Manes.. after bought) has come to play on Nati&#39;s char.
    Eirk (IIBarrII) has also come and bring his personal items.
    Elie Shai also played on the char but only Elad and Nati knew that (Erik didn&#39;t know that he play account).
    Thiefnemo also had to come play, but this didn&#39;t happen because there were too many sharers.

    Erik also had a Warrior on Akara and he proposed to Elad to share with him to get some money.
    Elad do a lot of XP on the account and brought items on.
    But, one day, the warrior became scammed and there were no items on. We don&#39;t know who has scammed the account but Nati and Elad have accused Erik to do it.
    Erik had a car accident and so, he was unable to connect on the game or on the Internet during the last few days.
    Then, Nati has changed the password of his account and Elad should said to Eirk that Nati&#39;s rogue have been scammed and so Nati and Elad accused him.

    So then, Eric has posted on KO4life ( to determine ifsomeone had news about Nati since he doesn&#39;t saw him anymore on MSN.
    So I said that I had seen one of this sharers online 2 days earlier (Elie Shai) and that&#39;s us didn&#39;t seem to be a problem of hack, that all items were still on rogue.
    But Erik was not aware that Elie Shai also played on the Nati&#39;s rogue and he was not aware that Nati and Elad wanted to scam him.
    So their plan failed because Erik realized that there was no hack because I had told him on the post in KO4Life.

    Nati and Reinhard have seen their strategy failed and were angry about Elie Shai who said he also played the rogue 79.
    They both blocked Elie Shai on MSN and have fired him from the account.
    After, they again change the password to stay only to play the rogue.

    If I hadn&#39;t said in KO4Life that Elie Shai was also playing and Nati&#39;s rogue and that it didn&#39;t seem to be any problems of hack on the rogue, then Erik would certainly and loose his items.

    and i agree with erik

    and i

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    I trust Erik 100%.
    Elad already scam a friend account (not so much.. but the fact is here...).
    I think the purpose to Nati and Elad was to scam you and maybe ThiefNemo....

    Hope you will have your items back :s

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    ok , i read this shit

    this is not the first time u scammed their char

    u scammed elad items in akara (HB+6 ROC (or rom??) chitins and many more things in AKARA)

    elad&#39;s items in manes in Reinhardt (elad didnt knew whats going on, and he tought its elishay at first coz mybe he was joking but it wasnt him)
    thats 2 scams

    now on nati, i dont care if u fukin scammed or it was ur gay friend u need to give them back everything

    no1 scammed u , u just lie now.[/b]

    get your facts straight, erik and elad shared a lvl 6x warrior on akara, with the items ROC,ROM,hb+6 and uuh WP if im right. items were not sealed. when erik was in aruba. Nati suddenly gained 21gb. I was like wtf nice! but how did u get it? Nati told me he got it from Elad which did server trade. Nati told me Elad had a ROC,ROM and hb+6 on akara which he could trade for 21gb in here. I was like WTF, those are Erik&#39;s items too! i knew something fishy was going on here. till the day i couldnt login to his char....

    PS Nati is a known scammer :

    also scammed a ROF from the clan RT, though he changed in the last years. But no :S

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    WrongAnswerYouDie dont speak BS.. u block me to on msn.. just because elad told u to do that
    and erik didint scamme the roc and the rom and the HB +6 elad take them and sold them for 33GBs on manes the trader was ragner i have ss from the 33GBs if u want

    after 3-6 days Elad (LongStory) open a new msn and tell to ranger that he his MalBoro.. and he told some story and scamme HB+7 in manes

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    ok , i read this shit

    this is not the first time u scammed their char

    u scammed elad items in akara (HB+6 ROC (or rom??) chitins and many more things in AKARA)

    elad&#39;s items in manes in Reinhardt (elad didnt knew whats going on, and he tought its elishay at first coz mybe he was joking but it wasnt him)
    thats 2 scams

    now on nati, i dont care if u fukin scammed or it was ur gay friend u need to give them back everything

    no1 scammed u , u just lie now.[/b]
    Strange how you seem to be the only one that believes them.

    Nati/Elad, I hope you&#39;ll respond shortly. I&#39;d like to here your story

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    elad is a known scammer ...

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    nati is a fagg, learned my lesson in the time of RT
    he likes to manipulate the story to his advantice.
    indeed IF he had balls which he does not have the make that clear for everyone he would confess, to bad people still get scammed by such people

    but h i got a advice for everyone, go play wow --> loving it

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    so what ur trying to say is that they are bullshiting me?!
    if they traded the hb roc rom wp chitins and shells for items in manes they realy suck
    they told me some1 scammed and blamed me / erik / whoever had accses (i didnt had acsses -_-)

    and i blocked u coz i dont like u.. ur too stupid .. i am not joking :P

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    NO TALKING ABOUT AKARA, erik did nothing on akara, because he was in aruba when nati gained the 21-33 dunno GB!

    and u know what? before the trade he told me this:

    22-12-2007 23:59:54 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 I&#39;m buying now
    22-12-2007 23:59:57 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 7k soul pots
    22-12-2007 23:59:59 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 for 14k each
    23-12-2007 0:00:01 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 from a friend
    23-12-2007 0:00:52 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 so don&#39;t waste em fast ><
    23-12-2007 0:00:59 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 it&#39;s costs like 1gb

    23-12-2007 0:01:19 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati wow
    23-12-2007 0:01:32 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati after that let me xp?

    23-12-2007 0:02:10 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 yeah

    23-12-2007 0:02:16 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati kk

    23-12-2007 0:02:18 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 I found a good trade
    23-12-2007 0:02:21 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 26gb&#39;s at xig
    23-12-2007 0:02:25 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 for 32gb&#39;s a manes
    23-12-2007 0:02:29 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 I&#39;ll trade it now

    23-12-2007 0:02:29 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati WOW
    23-12-2007 0:02:32 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati nice
    23-12-2007 0:03:00 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati damn dude
    23-12-2007 0:03:52 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati u can buy alot with these 32GB!

    After nati told me elad got 32gb from akara items. i asked how it went with the xig trade, would be cool 64gb! 32 from the akara trade and then 32 from xig trade!

    24-12-2007 23:24:32 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati is free now

    24-12-2007 23:24:54 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati kk i&#39;ll try to get a party in 20 min
    24-12-2007 23:24:59 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati doing Counter strike war atm

    24-12-2007 23:25:13 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 okey

    24-12-2007 23:25:20 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati fuk ownd again
    24-12-2007 23:25:28 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati btw when will uuuh
    24-12-2007 23:25:30 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati ivan merge/

    24-12-2007 23:26:58 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 I have no idea , he didn&#39;t logged since friday to msn, I belive that he is worry
    24-12-2007 23:30:39 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 anyway I&#39;ve merged with Reinhardt we have traded last night Roc + Rom at akara for 32gb&#39;s at manes and now are are trading the rest.

    24-12-2007 23:31:46 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati nice!
    24-12-2007 23:31:51 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati u already done the xig trade?

    24-12-2007 23:33:35 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 not yet
    24-12-2007 23:33:42 Nati &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 but I&#39;m still looking

    24-12-2007 23:33:55 &#39;Wynne VAKANTIE!!!! <3 Nati kk

    Nati told me reinhardt aka elad traded the items! and the xig trade was a set up, he was doing it at that moment and now he is still looking for 1? WTF dude,

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