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not a scammer but definatly bogus

This is a discussion on not a scammer but definatly bogus within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; ok sooooo ive been buying alot of gbs off melody. last night i placed an order and didnt hear anything ...
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    Default not a scammer but definatly bogus

    ok sooooo ive been buying alot of gbs off melody. last night i placed an order and didnt hear anything till 11am this morning. She/He said logg on your account that you put down when you paid. i said ok, it might take a sec because on weekends it takes forever to wait in que. She/He say's no problem go ahead and logg onto the account. Soo i begin and after about 30mins i tell "It" hey its still ganna be awhile, would you like to just logg back on skype in an hour and i should be in by then. hour goes by, nothing from her/him. i finally get in game. then i sit and wait for almost 2 hours blowing up skype. she/he loggs on skype briefly, long enough to know ive been blowing said person up and was waiting ingame for them. "it" quickly loggs off. and im not sure if you guys know this but "It" works through the website g2g. after wasting basically my entire day when i should of been exping, i was getting the run around. i promptly cancled the order through the website and blocked melody from skype. dont ever use them. 16$ gbs and you have to run through hoop after hoop trying to get what you paid for.

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    dont ever buy anything from that stupid seller -.-

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    I told you not to buy from him, impatience is a great way to get ripped off / shitty service.

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    WHats the actual server where u buy for 16$ each -.-, if its cypher for example, Im selling for 10 and u got them within minutes.

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    lesson learned, do not trade with him anymore ,now move on man.

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    Also overpriced as hell.

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