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    nvm , fixed

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    not a supprise
    hate to say i told u so

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    ffs, i need to talk with him. sorry guys if it's true. i feel responsible in a way. gave the man a rep. i thought he was good for maintaining. Know you guys put alot of trust in him. What the fuk has 6 months done to ppl. ffs.. getting tired of it.

    2 be honest, alot of people preech as though their team players. they play the role, but behind the smoke and mirrors, is sometimes a selfish
    ugly person that holds no regard for other's dedicated hard work and invested time. their trust by bestowing "clan" items in the hands of their
    so called "leader". I've gamed with hundreds of people in my life. Big and small, old and young. The guys who know what it's abot, I'm telling you are
    few and far between. We're talking a 0.05%. No clan, wether big or small, is dependant upon one person. There technically is no real leader; other than who's acting as the main storage for clan related items. They say the barder system died along time ago, but the true gangsters of this day and age, the true friends still roll with that as motto. I am nothing in this game, without my team. Absolutely nothing. You, Dark, and any other player out their is in the same boat. No duper, macroer or undereducated little ridilin child can stand up to a well oiled machine of 36 firing enthusiasts of blood shed. The collective approach, a style I always preeched. The style I was hoping was adopted as our clan's approach to online gaming. A style I thought Dark was capable of handling, and providing to you all through example. He let you guys down. He's not thinking about his team, his family. I don't know what's been going on in Manes, have not the slightest clue. But I know, clans inside and out, I know politics, I know how weak some people can be when tempted, and how backstabbing and canaiving the guys who aren't getting laid can be. I'm sorry. Truly am. I only hope that you guys have made a network of friends throughout your months on Manes that are willing and able to move on. If you got that, you've already won. Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer - as the saying goes.

    We'll chat some more.

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    dammn this torm is the smartest honest fair clever man i ever heared

    i missed alot when i didnt have the plesure to play with him

    the world need more ppl like u mister :P

    sry for that scam again sykoz and torm

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