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OMG OMG OMG whassup is scammer for 100%

This is a discussion on OMG OMG OMG whassup is scammer for 100% within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; omg this guy scammed 3 ppls and maybe more :;#entry1735684...
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    sexy Owa


    hes scammed many more people :/ just no valid proof has been found, because hes a slick scammer aparantly

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    I dont know the guy but i would actually go for the option 2 of all the other ppl being fucking stupid / idiots.
    One advice for everybody

    Learn to be paranoid or be ready to lose it all -.-

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    all the evidence you need....his ko4life nick may have changed but his email hasnt.... [email protected]

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    lol this is hilarious ...

    you told me you would sell me this priest cheap for gold premium which i agreed, after some time you gave me small information, which was 1 sq answer, as the account was hacked many times, i changed the info on the priest with 1 secret question answer, i then didnt want to buy you prem, as i wanted to make sure that the info&#39;s could be changed, as i had to submit a support ticket and get all the 3 secret question answers changed and the seal password which u had none of this information ...
    i then waited a few days, even with you spamming me on msn, and said i would buy the gold premium when i got paid, which i never did get payed, so i told you, ok i will buy it for you now, so i logged into your account and tried to buy you premium, which i said i could only buy you bronze as i was not payed.
    i tried to buy bronze but as i came to notice it said on ClickAndBuy the only method of payment thats works for me, said due to an error this transaction could not be exicuted.
    i told you many times that i will keep trying which i did, then when i told you its still not working you begged me to give you items ingame which i did not have, i then told you that i had money in my paypal but there is no use for this as it would not of got you gold premium ..... so u said you would add windwaker and i would send her the cash and she would buy prem for you which i agreed apon.
    you added windwaker to the conversation and then she went afk strait away.
    ive been playing world of warcraft so i havnt checked msn.....
    then you asked me for the priest back, and i said no due to the fact i wasted my time trying to get all the info changed as you never had any of it apart from 1 SQ...
    all you had to do was message me on msn, add windwaker and get her to give me her paypal email and i would of gladly sent her 25$ for her to buy you prem ....
    but now you have gone and made a stupid topic saying i scammed you when i never![/b]

    hes like the opposite of a ford o.o very trustable[/b]

    This guy has scammed repeated times supprise no one has caught on this......

    the proof is in the posts

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    wtf >< ..hope u get ur prem if not

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    if you knew he scammed 3+ people why trade with him....

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