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Owned by a turk

This is a discussion on Owned by a turk within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Frapsing MSN and asking for name I guess would work. However Fraps doesnt record stuff like MSN, you'd need something ...
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    Frapsing MSN and asking for name I guess would work. However Fraps doesnt record stuff like MSN, you'd need something else

    Shame I didnt think of doing it to be honest

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    that guy is a turk aswell. He chargebacked me 200 USD after i gave him my raptor +8

    now i am banned here with my other account but w/e dont care guys !!

    aqu i know how you feel <3 :wub:

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    Bad advertisement for TURKS ı thınk so ıt can be dns hack then he got ur paypal acc

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    Originally posted by Festo
    If only allah was against chargeback

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    Oh my fukin God... Can sum1 lock this topic?

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    in croatia most off ppl are christians and we call God by a name Bog and Turks call it Allah

    but we all bilive in same thing
    difrent nations use diferent names for a same thing so it is same if u say
    OMG or a OMA (oh my Allah)
    you have called God in diferent name

    And dont pls dont talk about some religion if u dont know a shit about it
    or ull look like a foll

    srry for mine bad english

    i dun billive that ppl do shit like this
    soooooooo loooow

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    Originally posted by Phosgene
    muslims , christians and jews believe in the same god .
    what makes us different is the actuall people we believe in .
    for muslims - its muhamed .
    for christians - its jesus - the son of god .
    for jews - moses .
    ermmm moses is considered a prophet, not God.

    Actually.. the difference is that

    Muslims believe in the same god, Allah. Salvation is earned by faith and obedience. Muhammed was his messenger and Adam Moses and Jesus were all prophets.

    (most) ((orthodox)) Jews believe in the same God, (Yahweh or Jehovah, varies on translation) Again, obiedience, faith, works. Moses led jews from egypt and the pharoh, but he is not God. Alot of Judiasm will vary upon region, but primarily is the same. (Messianic Jews are the biggest exception. They were the Jews who followed Jesus's teachings and still exhalt Him as God, afterall, the Jews were God's ppl initially.)

    Christians believe in God (also Yahweh, Jehovah, however, usually referred to as "the Father") The difference in the Christian Godhead is the Trinity - The Father, (God- the Creator) The Son (Jesus, who is also the Savior) and the Holy Spirit (who moves and intercedes on earth in the Will of The Father who is in Heaven). In Christianity, man is not saved by his own action, faith, etc, rather by the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ. All that is required to accept this gift is to merely accept this information to be true, and repenting of sins, submitting one's self to God.

    Of course, there is variation in all of this, LDS maintain they are Christian, however they have added to the scriptures, added extra prophets, etc.

    The long and short of this evenings soapbox is that Moses is not considered God by anyone. So my question is, if you saw a guy wearing the turban thingie.. would you assume he is muslim? Or would you know well enough to realize he's Sikh?


    aqu - sorry this happend to you pal

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    I've come up with a solution (for future use)


    John Slipshitz, herein referred to as "Seller" and Joe Dirkadirk, herein known as "Buyor"
    enter into agreement this ___________________.

    Buyor agrees to pal seller XXX USD in exchange for (ko item). This transaction shall be
    documented by means of gamecam / fraps / screenshots. All sales will be final. There
    will be no returns / exchanges.

    Given the known lack of stability in the game "KnightEmpire"
    Buyor agrees to hold seller harmless for loss of items.

    Then send this to the guy's paypal email account and DEMAND he "electronically sign"
    and return it to you. Maintain copies of your video/ss's and have some backup for your
    potential dispute.

    of course, nothing is perfect.. but may be something to consider. I'm quite sure if a
    person had this much backup it would be difficult to argue.

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    Originally posted by Garmonbozia
    Oh my fukin God... Can sum1 lock this topic?
    oh my fuking god ? :angry: :angry:

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