He was in clan named fishbowl in beramus and ronark his name is tiparican ( beramus ) / tiparicans ( beramus )
/ tiparicanss (ronark )

Tiparicans ( ronark is legit named Adam hes ok )
Tiparicanss ( ronark scammer )

i used to be in fish bowl in beramus he asked me if he could borrow my iron bow 1/70 I said sure why not when i try to get it back hes never online

i share an account with a friend of mine He asked the ib back the other day And Alan ( Tiparican ) said i gave it to him since im moving to manes. Wich is 100% bullshit so i think hes going to try to scam the ib off us I did not speak to him since then but ill see how it goes And post back if he gives it back

this is possible not very clear since there is 2 tiparican 1 not scammer 1 scammer. they know each other since they are in same clan in beramus and they made same name in ronark once again Tiparicans ( ronark is not a scammer ) tiparicanss ( ronark is the scammer ) tiparican / tiparicans ( beramus Scammer )