watch out of this guy and his family (like devot1on )

Sig of the guy who has been "scammed" :
PRINCESSLOVER: did USD with me ok, but then sold char to a friend saying 8XXk np, char had 8k np when opened.
now his sig claims me as scammer, when i paid all monies long time ago. tool.[/b]
An easy proof :
<div class='quotemain'>i wont reply to this matter any longer, prove it or cry, i dont fk people up.[/b];name=Devot1on
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Where is ?
1 month ago.. ok let say devot1on was 700k NPs instead of 800k now... With 700k NPs Orc side you should have easy M gold (I have 1 char with 600k NPs ranked 36th)

Zaaaa I love so much this forum. Really looks like you have to be a scammer or cheater to dont be ban.[/b][/quote]

As always, he claim (they ?) that he is innocent when we proof that he lied to sell this char.
The buyer bought the char because of NPs to donate to his clan... so this char is useless for him :huh:

Im just warning people since mods/admins doesnt looks like to care a lot