In order to make the process of reporting scammers and getting them banned as efficient as possible I'm going to make a brief list of things to include in the topic.

  1. Include the forum name of the scammer in the topic title
  2. Include the scammers e-mail or other identifiable means of contact. Skype, MSN, e-mail, AIM, whatever way they might have contacted other people.
  3. Explain what happened in as much detail as possible.
    • When did the trade take place?
    • What were the trade conditions(what being traded for what)?
    • Name everyone involved.
    • How did you contact eachother: forum pm's, msn, other?

  4. Provide proof. *VERY IMPORTANT*
    • Provide screenshots of MSN logs, paypal receipts, take screenshots in game and post those in the topic of the trade.

The more information you provide us, the better.

One last suggestion I have for everyone is the means in which they upload their proof. I know everyone on the forum loves to use Imageshack, but IS reduces the resolution to save space. When we're trying to evaluate things for proof this can be frustrating because we either can't properly read MSN logs or see details in general. For this I suggest everyone to use imgur: the simple image sharer It is very simple to use and will not distort the image quality.