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ruthlesskiller aka migual saindon is a scammer !!

This is a discussion on ruthlesskiller aka migual saindon is a scammer !! within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; i had the seal code lol what u talking about i change it to a new one just before sell ...
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    i had the seal code lol what u talking about i change it to a new one just before sell to him so i know i gave the right one. like i said i agree to use moderator and i also offer him to re send his money then he send me back the info but anyway i dont really care about this game anymore and so funny without proof to see what ppl can do. and do you want a proof that i had sirthebest on whatsapp? i can proof u if u really need, its true we didnt talk togheter for like 3 month but many ppl know i had him on my contact lol we played togheter for like 5-6 years. anyway i didnt loose anything so this gonna be my last word on this forum. keep belive this scammer that just proof me how ppl just defend without proof that mean they love to say what they dont know..

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    Lurking aka Jamie :" After he discovered i had made the shard i bought off him to +11 he changed the pw and said it was because i changed the security code, I responded saying okay well i'll let you change the Seal code back if you give me the password until he was satisfied with the money he had received. I tried to contact him for about two weeks over facebook, if anyone would like proof of him only replying in french pretending he had no idea what was going on please reply in the topic and i'd be happy to provide proofs of that also."
    You did not have the sealcode anymore after Jamie changed it.

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    Case solved i guess? Because i see he got banned. So now 2 people have the same char what is useless?

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    So guessing on euko = seal code works but in usko it doesnt work since u can reset it without the previous code?

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    isnt be right that if you change psw and e-mail you can get e new seal code at the ko website ??

    i bought an account 3 months ago the buyer forgot the seal code so i changed the psw and e-mail and i get a new one at ko website.

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