to all :

L isnt mine char - i bought it on lvl 64 (it was on reaper clan with all items)

I sold ares mage lvl 72 for this rouge lvl 64 on logos with full items.
I dont care if RE was clan the reapers because i quited them after they told me to me quit.

So how can you call someone scammer if it wasnt even my char ? LOL, I bought and all people know that. (even grobs)

Talk to real L about it.

And polish people dont trust me ? lol , im selling over 20 premiums a weak. I have no problems with good reputation.

My ebay account (over 50 sells from KO there, and how many outside ebay )

for polish people allegro

Edit :

As for Dexio request : pls close this topic.
Well we are not that much angry on each othere as we were after problems.