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This is a discussion on scammer within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally Posted by ItzPrayerz I understand that Bryan but my issue was them both saying I'll give you the GBs ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ItzPrayerz View Post
    I understand that Bryan but my issue was them both saying I'll give you the GBs after you send money.
    I sent the money and gave him the transaction number. He then told me to wait until the next morning.
    He should of told me that to begin with. That way I could have made the decision to wait or find someone else.
    Who's to say I send him the money, I wake up next day and go to work, and he comes online while I'm at work and It's a cat and mouse game trying to get the GBs.
    I rather send money and then get the GBs.

    I'm sure he would have gave me the GBs the next day.
    I just think he should of told me before I sent the money he wouldn't be able to get the money until the next day.

    It's over now, I barely even play KO and don't really care about it at this moment. The community is kinda immature and always drama.
    it's always the guys involved in drama who say they don't like drama. :thinking:

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    The post was made for nothing. This kinda proves my point that KO always has drama. I've spent way more money on another game and NEVER had a problem at all there. Just because a guy said he would sell me GBs and when I sent the money he tells me to wait so I got my money back he's mad and makes a post trying to say I scammed him? Lol yeah I was brought into "drama" by a butthurt guy that's upset I didn't buy his GBs. I was leaning toward drama in the server I played at that made be get bored with KO. I really don't care about this post , I didn't scam anyone. I have had multiple ppl asking me to buy GBs and I have bought some a couple more times since this post has been made.

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    why did you have to do this though

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    I can understand Nessgara's point of view. Claiming that money is "sent" while its still on "pending" state is one of the most typical scam attempts.
    The transaction is not fully completed if the funds are not 100% under receivers control.

    Sounds to me you guys didn't agree on who goes first -rule on trades.
    Better luck next time!

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