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scammer with the email [email protected]

This is a discussion on scammer with the email [email protected] within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; he added me msn and wanted to trade my rogue with items and 25m for his wp , roc , ...
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    he added me msn and wanted to trade my rogue with items and 25m for his wp , roc , ii 7 , set +8 bp , elf belt in logos..
    he told me he got scam lot times and he dont want to scammed again he told me he trustable and showed me his topics and that he wont destroyer his name for rogue lvl 58 with some shits.. i checked it and saw he had lot of topics and lot ppls say that he is trustable so i gave him the info first and then he gone with my rogue
    if someone need proof i got the history on msn
    hiis msn was : [email protected]
    he told me he is ResserGD but it wasnt he just showed me a topic and i was stupid and scammed again
    take care about this guy!!!

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    :/ O dear i feel sorry for you

    1. Ive never talked to you before in my life.
    2. I dont have anything on logos :S

    and most importantly, [email protected]

    Thats not my email.. my email ends in

    U should have asked the guy 2 pm u on ko4life or something just 2 make sure who it was then maybe u wouldnt have been caught out by it

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    Yeah... that's not ResserGD's msn :/

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    so sorry..
    i was stupid and now i havent anything

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    man im sorry to hear that, next time make a deep search before u answer to ppl who add u to msn.
    u need to send him msg on ko4life to see if he answers.
    that scammer is fuking idiot, but smart... like all of them... :S

    always check for posts on ko4life. always..


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