I have known this player for a looong time. He has played on KO for well over 3 years probably more like 4-5. on all servers and was/is active on KO3Life, KORanking and eBay. He has even done mod type work and possibly lower level GM type for k2 as well. He knows all the bugs, all the scams, exploits, etc. Here is what I know of him personally:

Alex Rudd
19 Leeze Park
N/A, Devon
United Kingdom
[email protected] (he has dozens of email address but actually places his picture on this one)

On Olympia he played both orc and human esp early. He played misc characters including Stomach and Flying Chicken.

Beware buying/selling/trading with him. The majority of the items he sells for USD are stolen from other players. The accounts he sells are shell accounts waiting for you to level them and put items on them. He is a serious criminal and a real piece of shit low life.

I have placed his info here for you and I have reported him to KO via several different ways. You've been warned.