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Scammer: iAmSuperManxAgainxD, iAmTheJokerxDMarcone *PITU CLAN @C-West

This is a discussion on Scammer: iAmSuperManxAgainxD, iAmTheJokerxDMarcone *PITU CLAN @C-West within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Actually it is not a scam but he did ***. I will write what happened; I was selling +5rev HB. ...
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    Default Scammer: iAmSuperManxAgainxD, iAmTheJokerxDMarcone *PITU CLAN @C-West

    Actually it is not a scam but he did ***.

    I will write what happened;
    I was selling +5rev HB.
    iAmTheJokerxDMarcone PMed me, offered 35gb.
    I accepted it and we talked a long. He said 15gb first trade and 20gb second trade.
    I didnt't accept it.
    Then, he said I will give +2 imir & 15gb in first trade.
    After that, you will give back +2 imir and I will give you 20gb.
    We did first trade and he said 15gb on this char; wait me here; I will get rest.
    He went off and he didn't come. I PMed him after 30-40minutes. I asked where is the money ?
    He wrote "pff" and "Failed to connect for a private chat."
    His clan was "PITU". I sold imir +2 to Xero.. for 18gb . Anyway;
    then I saw this guy "iAmSuperManxAgainxD". He was spamming "sell +5rev hb".
    His clan was PITU too, nicknames are similar.
    I PMed him and wrote about it. He wrote same answer "pff."
    That's it.
    I'm swearing him in PM for 2-3 days , no answer.

    Not actually scam, I didn't lose any money but this ***es making me bored of KO and mad.
    also, Xerooo was buying imir+2 for 20GB from him.
    Okay, it's end of the topic.

    My English may be bad, sorry.
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    God seriously hate those faggots... When trading in items back and forth, if the guy is a random I usually tend to make sure the items + gbs i get are worth more than my item so if something like this happens it won't matter much.

    anyways sorry for your loss, karma will hit that fucker.

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    sorry that sucks to hear but atleast you didnt lose a whole lot.

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    Hello, I who can have your hb +5 rev, pitu clan is an origin brazil which his they are iamsupermanxagain, iamsupergirlxagain, etc. There is a new warrior in my clan which his nick ends in "BR" and a hb has +5 rev ... I go to quarrel if it was one of these that your you name if it is like that, it will denounce it here in order that it does not bother anybody..


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