JudgeDread is my cousin. I'll try and talk with him soon.[/b]
Man does he have some sort of a mental issue? i know there are ppl out there who cant control themselves and get pleasure out of stealing even if they dont want to its a mental disorder ( I kid you not there is a disorder out there... i just cant seem to find the name for it ), anyways there has to be some screw lose in there somewere that makes you gain some1's trust and then just screwin them over so badly... i dont understand how the mind of a person like that works... also i dont think he realizes that alot of ppl come to play online games to get away form RL stresses this concept may sound really stupid to some but its true... i personally just like to get in to the game and not have to think about anything else really... but when stuff like this happens its pretty shitty. I could care less about the items i lost in some game i can get them back, but its the time, effort and money that went in to getting them..

sorry for the Rant