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selma gul??

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    Default selma gul??

    [email protected]???

    who is this person? If someone could help me figure this one out.. it would be appreciated. A reward will be given to any information which leads to postively identifing this person.

    Thank you.

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    Why are you wondering Cleatus Penýs? Is that a scammer or something?

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    he scammed a few ppl these past days including me with charge backs using paypal

    plz dont buy shit from him

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    I am ashamed to admit this. I did not follow my own advice.

    I sold a bunch of stuff a month ago. EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION had a disclaimer/terms/conditions on it but one.

    29 days later I get an email..

    Dispute History Log - Most Recent 5 of 7 *
    The Dispute History Log displays all actions related to your claim.
    Date *Actor *Action Details
    Aug. 29, 2006 *PayPal *Email sent to Seller
    Aug. 29, 2006 *PayPal *Email sent to Buyer
    Aug. 29, 2006 *Buyer *Temporary hold placed on funds until dispute is resolved
    Aug. 29, 2006 *Buyer *Escalated Dispute to a Claim
    Aug. 29, 2006 *PayPal *Email sent to Seller
    Total Messages: 3 * *
    From PayPal: PayPal on 8/29/2006 16:30 PDT
    Buyer escalated this dispute to a Claim.
    From buyer: Selma Gul on 8/29/2006 16:30 PDT
    I've not received pc hardware. It seems scam.
    From buyer: Selma Gul on 8/29/2006 16:15 PDT
    I've never received pc hardware.
    Now.. if I could just figure out who this is.. I could remember what I sold.. and I have the fraps of the item being sold. Included in the fraps, as I always do, I have confirmed the buyor's email address. I have already spoken with the rep @ paypal. The Fraps transaction will only help me that much more. I'm pretty confident this particular scammer will not get my money. I was a little miffed earlier, but calmed down after speaking with the manager @ paypal.

    I should have sent a payment request. Egg on my face. For whatever reason.. I trusted this person. Stupid me. Anyhow.. I have a ROL still. I'll gyft it to anyone who will give me good information on who ever this asshole is.

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    Ok.. that's what I thought. Great. Wakoo.. you just earned yourself a ROL.

    Thanks pal.

    Stabwondz.. ironic ..

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    i already told you who he is

    he bought stabwoundz from me

    he was Roguenler before and his forum name is 0wnoR he is turk also

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    dunno why he did this, i guess he need money for drugs or something i even gave him the items and told him payme later which he did infact.

    and before i bought some shit form him also...

    and now like 3 or 4 ppl got raped by him. i also called paypal im pretty sure they will see all the chragebacks at the same time and realize this is not normal

    this could make me lose my paypal account which i use s much to pay bills and shit

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    no no

    referance my claim number, aqu's.. everyone @ once.. we referance your claim numbers.. they will see a trend here. I called paypal already.. this guy isn't getting my money.

    I also wrote george bush and asked that his last act in office is to nuke turkey. We'll see what comes of it.

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    i wish he was my dad id be like hey dad can u nuke turkey today hed be like WTF i havent done that one yet?

    wheres my ROL btw

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    I JUST spoke with Bryan from paypal ( ID # 5523 ) he said

    if you were to each send an email with the claim numbers for each individual claim you the email would go to our fraud department.

    when you go to dispute resolution and say you can provide tracking information, indicate this was a virtual *"in-game" item. *This item is Non-tangible. *Our policy does not cover in-game items and therefore you will win your case.
    Hooray for corporate America.

    "Oh say can you see,
    by the dawn's early light,
    what so proudly we hailed,
    at the twilight's last gleaming?

    Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
    through the perilous fight,
    o'er the ramparts we watched,
    were so gallantly streaming.

    And the rocket's red glare,
    the bombs bursting in air,
    gave proof through the night,
    that our flag was still there.

    Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave,
    O'er the land of the free,
    and the home of the brave."

    ... like it or not.. we won again :lol:

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    Originally posted by wako0
    i wish he was my dad id be like hey dad can u nuke turkey today hed be like WTF i havent done that one yet?

    wheres my ROL btw *
    i'll log on sometime this weekend..

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    thats what the paypal agent told me, about the virtual item so thats what i did. i hope it clears up tomorrow fuck i need to pay bills!

    it sucks to be old :lol:


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