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[email protected] PAYPAL SCAMMER

This is a discussion on [email protected] PAYPAL SCAMMER within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Raven you obviously know everyone in the world accusing everyone scamming, how stupid did u read it um probly not ...
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    Raven you obviously know everyone in the world accusing everyone scamming, how stupid
    did u read it um probly not spamer[/b]
    Your basically the only person who still calls him a spammer. And yet have no proof of showing hes a spammer. /retard?

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    did u read it um probly not spamer

    also kapu

    i partyed with u more then any of them and u trash talk me in the forms and dont even know ur fatcs man i though u where better then that

    me and shareeen have worked it all out and he has my phone number and can call me when ever he would like and me and infinty worked everything out so take ur foot out of ur mouth[/b]
    Nobody told me anything . If you worked it out then my bad. Its nothing personally towards you Foxy , its just that i treat like that all scammers or the ppl i think scammed , cause i really cant stand them.I will edit my post now cause it is unnecessary . Once more i am glad everything is cool now . Peace .

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    so that kid admited his scam, and he thinks that he's gonna be ok?

    i guess that he will get some visitors at his house soon <_<

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    Hey simple guy i say you take him to court i think you have enough evidence. If you take him to court it could be a FELONY!!!!!!!! mother fuking fag give him his money back. If it was me i would fuking take him to court, you have his name and everything. You have proof. you people who scam if your reading this if you pick the wrong guy he will take you to court you will catch a felony thas 3 strikes your out go to jail for life; and maybe get suwed. I hope some of the scammers get fuking cought or have one of the victims go over to where they live and beat the living shit out of them. If it would make it on the news maybe the scamming would stop. lol. i hate dishonest people.

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    spit is a 16 year old high school kid =D amazing how he gets those items . SCAM

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