like i see it not first topic about him so i just tell
he scammed my yearstday too ^^ cause i was dumb
then we traded at my city was 03:12 night so rly wanted to sleep
and done this trade faster
iam new member so i giwed accs to him first
mage 73 ionia orc
and warrior 74 with ps +7 at ionia
we dealed 45$ then he cheanged all info he
sended to me only

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his msn was [email protected]
and pp emeil like u see [email protected]
his name and surf name like u see Shimon Alfasi
I hawe both account esn codes and registration dates so i will
take it back but just let u all know
who cares if he registered 2006years make sure he rly thrustable
and dont be stupid like me
cause at this situacion my foult cause i was stupid
exped my char at JPKO and it was night rly wanted to done trade faster
anyway Good Luck all
and Sorry for mine bad english !