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This is a discussion on StarRachet within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; First of all, i'm not saying he is a scammer. , but i just wanna warn people about him in ...
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    Default StarRachet

    First of all, i'm not saying he is a scammer.,
    but i just wanna warn people about him in general, i'f I'm wrong feel free to reply
    and I'll get a mod to delete this topic.

    Anyway, so some guy added me on msn
    The first thing i do is check everything i could from him
    search his user name and ended up finding some nice links:

    link 1:
    Selling WTS / WTT Lv 97 FF Xbow Greece

    I'll quote something that got posted on there:
    this guy has not the secret ansewr, he is from elitepvpers like me,
    he has 4 scammer profiles, he is 100% scamers, other posible names
    titto44ever, StarRachet
    That kinda give me the red light for making trades with him, but anyway
    i kept searching for a bit

    the found this:

    link 2:
    Another Scammer BeCare full

    Here he claims to be scammed, is it true? i have no clue
    But either way i don't know what to believe, so even less trust for starrachet now.

    Then i found some other intersting links:
    snubbu scammer of lvl 100 wiz/cleric Conversation

    and another one:

    You can probably find enough stuff off him if you would keep searching, but i can't be bothered now.

    Also He is from France.
    Again this guy claims to not have a ko4life account. So i asked him how did you get my msn?
    ...I'll just post the msn convo:

    Ow ye, when i mentioned elitepvpers, he didn't reply back.

    So ye guys, you are warned, I'm not saying he is a scammer or not, but
    it was more then enough for me to give me the red light and to post it here.

    so be-aware of [email protected]

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    i believe this guy tried to scam me too. he was trying to sell me a lvl 79 priest named plDARCYKpl ( ), but i said no since he seemed weird.
    he told me he was from cairo.
    he also told me he got my msn from a friend.
    he says he is mrazable from old error on c-west (which i really doubt). i asked him to mention some people he played with in error, and one of those names were snipes. i told him snipes still plays. then he said that snipes don't remember him which i find very weird since even i remember that character (i was not in that clan).

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    not Turkey


    It's the happy scammer Matthew Glover. These char names mentioned are who I traded gbs first few times I sold to him and through some wonder didn't get scammed.


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